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Yoga retreats with a twist: Yoga for bad people

A typical day in the office for Katelin Sisson and Heather Lilleston looks somewhat different from your average 9-5. For a start, the co-founders of Yoga for Bad People work from some of the world’s most exotic destinations, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Turkey and Montauk. Here Sweaty Betty catches up with the yoga-loving tour guides who want you to let loose and feel amazing on your well-deserved time off…

Tell us in 140 characters why we should book a Yoga for Bad People retreat?

Solid practice with a light-hearted twist, and enough time to party like you want to without feeling bad about it!

Take us through a typical day at Yoga for Bad People, from waking through to bedtime…

Wake up, smell the coffee and eat some fresh fruit… Meditate for 20 minutes… Physically challenging Vinyasa yoga practice… Brunch… Free time to surf, read, sunbathe, nap, go exploring and do as you please… Yoga workshop plus restorative poses… Dinner… Free time...

Your ethos is very accessible for people who want to be mostly virtuous on holiday, but also have fun. What does having a ‘good time’ mean for you?

Heather: Having a good time means listening to yourself and pursuing whatever you need most to feel balanced inside and out. That could mean dressing up and going out or staying in, journaling and getting a good nights’ sleep.

Katelin: Everyone has a different idea of what it means to have a good time. To me, it’s all about feeling like you have the freedom and time to do what you want to. That may mean you take off for a hike, or it may mean you sunbathe for hours on the beach.

As well as encouraging people to have fun off the mat, you also bring the fun to the studio with super modern music. List your five favourite yoga tracks…


  • Ninna Nanna by Lulu Rouge (feat. Trentemoller & Alice Caerreri)

  • Boss by Ryan Hemsworth

  • Mi Mujer by Nicholas Jaa

  • Ocean by Dream Koala (feat. Soko)

  • Phone Tap by AZ, Dr Dre, Nas and Nature


  • Energy by Drake

  • The Jane Doze - I See Cali Biggie Smalls Remix

  • Aphrika by Seth Troxler

  • Waiting in Vain (feat. Cutty Ranks) by Cocoa Tea

  • Paraty by Mia Doi Todd

What physical and mental benefits can people expect to enjoy from a Yoga for Bad People retreat?

Enlightenment, a lengthened IT band, deeper understanding of meditation and enviable Instagram pic.

You host retreats in some amazing locations! When researching and exploring a new location, what qualities and characteristics does a place have to meet?

Easy access to a beach, a yoga room with props, good food and nearby nightlife, good weather and more physical activities available than just yoga.

List the three most amazing places you’ve practiced, and tell us why they stand out…

Praia do Rosa, South Brazil: A super-secret South American hotspot, this town is the birthplace of Yoga for Bad People and continues to set the bar for every new retreat destination. Perfect beaches, tropical rainforest, excellent surf, pristine ocean and plenty of restaurants and nightlife – it’s a tough destination to beat!

Faralya, Turkey: On the south eastern coast of the Mediterranean, this gem is covered in fig trees, gets all-day sunshine and is bordered by beautiful turquoise waters. Our hosts are excellent cooks and know just how to support our retreats to deliver Yoga for Bad People’s signature combination of wild fun and deep practice.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: The expansive beach that wraps around this retreat location offers surf breaks for both beginner and intermediate surfers; it’s excellent for socialising and solitude alike. Although the surrounding area is a relatively rustic representation of Central America’s natural beauty, there are plenty of high-quality restaurants and health food options to fuel your practice.

Name your favourite yoga pose and explain why you love it…

Utkatasana (Chair Pose) because it reverses hyperextension of the knees, resets the pelvis, supports the natural curves of the spine, releases the groin, lengthens the waist and demands a high level of focus. That’s a long list of benefits, but overall it challenges many of our habitual misalignments from excess time spent sitting in chairs.

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