Why We Created Teen Leggings

Recent studies have shown that more than half of teenage girls give up sport at 16, with 53% giving up physical activity after mandatory PE lessons end. On a mission to encourage girls (and women) of all ages to stay active, our Founder and Mum of three, Tamara talks through why we’ve created Teen Leggings for the first time ever.

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By the age of fourteen, a recent study has shown that girls are dropping out of sport at twice the rate of boys. Listing issues like body confidence, fear of being judged, the cold weather and lack of role models, young girls are losing interest in sport. Since I founded Sweaty Betty, our core values have always included empowering women of all ages through fitness, so I knew I wanted to encourage teens to lead a more active lifestyle in a fun and playful way.

As a Mum of two teenage daughters I have seen first-hand how important it is for young girls to stay active. It’s vital for their self-esteem and confidence to take part in team sports, and I love seeing how amazing this makes my girls feel. I lived a really active lifestyle growing up and am exactly the same with my own kids. We spend time as a family running with the dog, trying new classes, surfing, cycling and paddle boarding. This is so important to us and I’d love to encourage others to do the same.

Interestingly, another major factor in girls dropping out of sport is that they generally hate what they have to wear. PE kit is traditionally unflattering, uncomfortable and uncool, so it’s hardly surprising that they don’t like to wear it. With this in mind, after hearing that young teenagers are always asking for our product, I decided we needed to offer young girls exactly the same as their Mum. Our Contour Leggings are a longstanding favourite and ideal for all ages; they’re super soft, lightweight and great for movement. Plus, the tropical toucan print is just so fun, that they’re an ideal way to encourage girls to get active.

We shot the campaign for this with my two girls, my niece Esme and our model this season Penny Lane. This shoot is quite a step away from our usual more serious and active images, and it was incredible to see the girls all laughing together creating these really light hearted images. Plus, we couldn’t resist making mini sizes, we created a few limited edition pairs last year and the demand was so high we had to make more.

I hope these leggings inspire you and the teen and mini in your life to get active.

The Detox Kitchen

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