The Sweaty Betty 2020 Manifesto

The Sweaty Betty 2020 Manifesto

by Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder and Creative Director


Since I started Sweaty Betty in 1998, my mission has always been to empower women though fitness and beyond. For me, living an active lifestyle is a way of taking care of myself and as a Mum of three I am passionate about showing the younger generation an empowering way to live. With this in mind, I’ve always made sure that everything at Sweaty Betty is designed to make women of all ages look and feel powerful.

To me an empowered woman is someone with confidence and inner strength. She doesn’t need resolutions, she isn’t afraid to talk about her flaws and is proud of her personal journey. With this in mind, I’m really excited to share our manifesto. I’d love you to join everyone here at Sweaty Betty as we do our best to live by this and celebrate strong women in 2020 and beyond.

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Be proud to be female

Be strong and confident in who you are, and don’t be afraid to be feminine. Some of the women I admire most are completely open about their own personal journeys and struggles. I think being vulnerable and honest is so powerful, being proud to be yourself is so inspiring.

Find strength in sisterhood

At Sweaty Betty I’m so proud that we are 98% female and I’ve found so much strength from the sisterhood we have here. Our business has so many female leaders and there is nothing more powerful than when we come together and support each other.

I feel so strongly that we need to be kinder. I teach my kids not to judge women by their appearance. Instead of knocking each other down, it’s cool to be kind.

Respect your body and the planet

Your body deserves respect, it is a valuable and irreplaceable object and it’s so important to listen to what it needs. Self-care isn’t selfish, we should prioritise and take care of ourselves so we can give back to others. I am a firm believer in balance and having that piece of cake, there’s no need to feel guilty.

I also think it’s so important to respect the planet and your surroundings. This can be such small, simple steps, you can eat locally grown produce, walk instead of getting the bus, buy a reusable coffee cup or water bottle and try wearing recycled fabrics.

Live actively

I truly believe there is a workout or sport for everyone whatever your age, you just need to find it. I love trying new things and mixing it up, but I always return to swimming, yoga and running, where I have built a real community. For me, working out isn’t just physical, it’s mental; this is my switch off time and self-care moment. This is why we’ve offered free workouts in our stores for over 15 years.

It’s time to be kind to yourself and empower each other.