Introducing Victoria Pendleton

Introducing Victoria Pendleton

Olympian turned horse rider and adventure seeker, Victoria Pendleton is one of Britain’s most iconic sportswomen. Always on the hunt for her next challenge, this double Olympic winning, nine times World Champion is rocking our world.

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Describe yourself in three words?

Fearless, adventurous, nutter.

How did you get into fitness?

I’ve always loved sport, I come from a really sporty family and my brother and I were always doing physical things and climbing trees. I think having a twin brother you always have something to compete against, my attitude was always anything he can do I can do better.

What’s your first memory of being active?

Learning to ride my bike was a big thing, my Dad was a keen cyclist. One of my first memories is actually taking off my stabilisers, I remember it being a bit too soon for me. At the age of 6 I was riding on the back of a tandem with my Dad, it was inevitable I was going to get involved with sport.

What’s your favourite way to stay active?

I don’t feel like I’ve got a favourite, it’s like choosing between your children. I love trying new sports and learning something new, I’m always trying to mix it up and keep it different. I think if your body isn’t continually pushed it stops adapting, so you have to keep the repertoire constantly evolving.

I do love training in the gym using free weights. You really have to focus on what you’re doing and your movements, they use all of your muscles, which I find super satisfying.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Start where you are not where you want to be.

What advice would you give to women looking to succeed in sport?

Women have to encourage one another, we have to be our biggest supporters. There’s no point in trying to stand in someone’s way or criticise, we need to get behind and give each other a leg up. Women are naturally nurturing and when you start helping each other it’s such a powerful thing. We are incredibly powerful and can get some serious stuff done.

What inspires you to succeed?

If someone tells me I can’t do something, it just inspires me to prove them wrong. I was told when I was 16 I didn’t have the mentality to be a champion, which made me more determined and tenacious.

What advice would you give someone taking on a new challenge?

Don’t fear failing and just enjoy it for the experience it’s going to give you. I love being in that place, standing on the edge and going I wonder if I can do this. I think that keeps me feeling constantly stimulated by different types of challenges. I don’t want to stop I want to try everything.

Do you have a life mantra?

It’s your journey so you write the story. Don’t let other people define what you’re capable of, make your own rules.

Tell us about your friendship with Sophie?

We’re like sisters, cut from the same cloth, we have such a similar approach to life and we couldn’t be more opposite in many ways, but love the same things.

What do you love about her?

What I love about Sophie is that she’s a champion for women, she encourages others to be better and more fulfilled versions of themselves. She enables them to experience things that they didn’t believe possible, I have made some wicked friends through Mad To Live.

How have these experiences bonded you?

Sharing an adventurous experience is the ultimate human bond. I want to be part of a tribe, Sophie and I, we’re a little Wolf Pack. When you are physically and emotionally experiencing something, which sport gives you the opportunity to do, the sense of bonding and closeness is really important. This is something we don’t necessarily value today, we’ve lost a sense of community in what we do.

What’s your ultimate getaway?

With Sophie doing a retreat in the jungle with equally cool women who like to be adventurous and take on new things.

Next on your bucket list?

To get my motor cycle license and do some off-roading. I want to get a bike and be more adventurous.

Favourite moment on the shoot?

There were too many good bits! The best bit for me was the impromptu dancing when no one was watching.

Favourite piece you wore?

I loved the red Carve Swimsuit, I wouldn’t normally wear red but I felt so good in it. And the white Mesh Up Hoody, I felt amazing in that.

What’s your death row dinner?

Starter: I love a really good hummus with loads of crudités.

Main course: I would actually have some kind of Thali, a proper Indian meal with loads of curries, dahl, vegetable curry and roti.

Pudding: I just really enjoy a vegan chocolate chip almond butter cookie. I’ve been making these recently and when they’re warm out of the oven they’re amazing.

Green juice or cocktails?

Green juice followed by a cocktail.