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Introducing Form Nutrition

A few years ago, our Founder Tamara set out to find a protein powder that tastes amazing and her prayers were answered with the discovery of Form Nutrition. Plant-based, delicious and founded in the UK by Damian Soong and Natalia Bojanic, this is the only protein powder we’ve ever tried that tastes incredible with just water. To celebrate Form Nutrition hosting the Talks zone of Sweaty Betty Live 2018, we caught up with Damian and Natalia to talk business, plant-based and charity partnerships.

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What is Form, and how did you both bring it to life?

Natalia: Form is plant-based nutrition for the body and mind. We developed protein blends and supplements to enhance cognitive function (nootropics). We've tried to elevate the whole idea of nutrition. We didn't think of nutrition just as a protein shake after the gym, it’s nourishment for your whole self.

Damian: As someone interested in design and performance I wanted to create a lifestyle and aspirational brand, with products that are good for your health and the planet. Wellness almost by definition is about the self, I wanted to turn that on its head. To bring this vision to life I built a passionate team with diverse thinking and complementary skills.

Do you both have a background in wellness?

Damian: No, I have an incredibly varied background from the City to running manufacturing companies and creating startups. I’ve always lifted weights and been nerdy about nutrition though, so wellness in that respect has always been a keen interest of mine.

Natalia: I used to be a PR Director who practiced yoga, lifted weights and sold Brazilian leggings in my spare time!

How is Form different from other products?

Damian: Our blends have being formulated in house by our PhD Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience, Dr Adam Collins. Our multi-source blends of organic pea, rice, hemp and algae offer not only a complete amino-acid profile, but also digestive enzymes, probiotics, superfood and fibre.

Unlike other blends, Form was developed to taste good with just water, so you don’t need to add more ingredients to make you shake drinkable.

We’re also really proud of our community, we’re always humbled by the amount of reviews on our products and press attention. For us this is a mark of building community which we’ve worked hard to do, with educational events, a customer focused approach, quality information and email courses. We’re very keen to give back, it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Why plant-based?

Natalia: I think our plant-based approach comes from a place of compassion, we aren’t demonizing the consumption of animal products, just inviting an inclusive approach.

What’s your go-to Form recipe?

Damian: For me the perfect post workout is our Performance Chocolate Peanut, ice, almond milk and half a banana. It’s like a milkshake!

Natalia: I have a sugar monster inside me and when it needs taming I mix 100g coconut yogurt, 1 scoop Form Chocolate & Salted Caramel and a few goji berries.

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What is Form challenging and trying to change?

Damian: We can’t change the world - but we can make real change to real lives. The work we do with our Family Feeding Fund has real impact on real people - it saves lives. Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and it’s for that reason we’ve also started sponsoring the education of young girls in India funded by the sales of our cognitive supplements.

Can you tell us more about your work with The Family Feeding Fund?

Natalia: It’s very important to us to incorporate giving and a way of giving back into our offer. With every product that we sell, we feed someone in need via our family feeding fund in Gambia. The fund saves and changes lives, and that's an amazing thing.

It’s amazing to see how small gestures here can have massive impact elsewhere. It’s been so successful that we’re now above to provide pharmaceuticals too.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Damian: I read, workout, meditate and need to do more yoga.

Natalia: I escape to Buddhist Meditation retreats to reset and come back with a clear and creative mind. They are simple places where you have the luxury of finding time to re-connect with yourself.

What 3 tips do you have for other start-up businesses?

Damian: 1. Start 2. Don’t fit in, stand out. 3. Don’t give up.

What’s next for Form Nutrition?

Natalia: So many plans! We just launched ZZZZs our sleep supplement to an amazing response. We have many more exciting new products and partnerships to come and will continue to innovate the space.

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