Sweaty Betty Fitness Communities

The World’s Top Fitness Communities

Working out alone can be on the uninspiring side, so if you’re in need of some motivation, why not try one of these fitness communities. Team work guaranteed.

Sweaty Betty – Global

Of course, we have to float our own boat. Alongside our new Studio @ No.1 Carnaby offering London’s hottest workouts daily, we offer over 70 free workout classes in our stores around the country. Plus, if you don’t want to get outdoors try a free online workout video at home to get sweaty.

Park Run – Global

These free 5km timed runs take place every Saturday morning in parks across the world. In the UK alone it draws tens of thousands from their beds and unites half a million members worldwide.

CrossFit – Global

CrossFit comprises of independent ‘boxes’ where members converge in anticipation of the next WOD (workout of the day). Combining strength training with gymnastic agility and athletic capability, CrossFit fosters its tight-knit community through serious training and friendly competition. In fact, it even has its own form of Olympics: the CrossFit Games.

Run Dem Crew – London

This growing group with over 200 members describes itself as a ‘family and a community’ and meets weekly for a new adventure on the streets of London. Run Dem Crew also organises projects to support young people, with the aim to inspire the next generation to achieve a better quality of life through sport.

Secret Yoga Club – London

The Secret Yoga Club host pop-up events that combine yoga with live music and delicious, healthy food in varying, beautiful locations. These intimate events put yoga in unusual settings from intimate East London studios to the Royal Academy of Arts.

Sky Ride – Across the UK

These free group cycling sessions are organised across the UK by members of the public. Sky Ride’s goal is to create fun, informal cycle rides and inspire more people to improve their fitness on two wheels. There are now over 2,000 rides each week.

The Rise – NYC

The Rise offers free outdoor fitness in the concrete jungle at 6.30am, come rain or shine! There are no official trainers, only the enthusiastic group leaders who support the group through the circuit-like combination of exercises. The fun sessions are extremely popular and take place Monday through Friday across the city.

Fit Club – LA

This high energy group invites you along to join the best workouts and social meetups in LA. Its organised events are designed to complement all round health and wellbeing. Think yoga, bootcamp and beach workouts – all rounded off with social evenings and nutritional talks. Having fun is the main priority and championed as the best way to keep motivated and surpass your goals.

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