Meet The Founder Of Exceed NYC

Meet The Founder Of Exceed NYC

Exceed Physical Culture is a boutique functional fitness gym based in New York that delivers unique calorie burning, body changing workouts that inspire a stronger and healthier lifestyle. Here co-founder Catherine Goodwin explains the Exceed philosophy and her motivation to establish the studio.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to set up Exceed?

I began working with celebrity trainer Ed Cashin in 2010 to help develop my fitness and body as I was bored with the standard gym routine and group classes. I noticed amazing changes in my body and energy levels after 6 months of functional fitness focused work. But there was a real lack of functional fitness classes in the gyms we were using to train, plus a lack of space, so we set out to create a gym and a fitness community that included all the aspects we felt were missing - and Exceed was created! We have developed Exceed to incorporate evolving tools and training styles, while maintaining our focus on functional fitness.

What makes Exceed so unique?

We are the first full service functional fitness studio in New York. Our classes and training platforms are constantly evolving and always challenging to our clients. We have established a true community at Exceed where our athletes and instructors feed off one another to push past perceived physical capabilities.

Why is strength training an important feature of an Exceed class?

We feel strength is the basis for all fitness. The stronger you are, the more you can accomplish in other facets of fitness and life. Strength means different things to different people, so we strive to push each athlete to their own potential.

Could you explain the notion of metabolic training?

Metabolic training is structured exercises with little rest in between each set or circuit. This method is used to maximise your time while increasing your metabolic rate and calorie burn. We find this approach works well with time-pushed clients.

What kind of equipment do you use in Exceed classes?

Our equipment varies in each class and with each instructor. We have a wide variety of tools that include but are not limited to kettlebells, TRX, bosu balls, medicine balls, Concept2 rowers, and plyo boxes. Each athlete instructor personally programs the class to maximise the time and efficiency of the workout while incorporating different equipment. You never know what you are going to get, which is great (and fun!) for your body as it is constantly being exposed to different movements.

How do your clients react to Exceed classes?

They love the variety and constant challenges they are faced with each day. Clients start to notice changes in their bodies and their day to day lives, as our workout is a great compliment to other exercises and activities they do. As we continue to add special classes to our schedule based on client demands, we can continue to further push them to that next fitness level.

How important is nutrition in a training program?

Nutrition is key - you can’t outwork a bad diet. We believe in the idea of a healthy lifestyle as a whole, which includes effective training, eating healthy and enjoying your life. You must take care of your body from a fitness level as well as a nutrition level.

Have you always been active? What does a typical workout week look like for you?

I have always been an avid swimmer and skier – my two favourite sports – but could never find anything in the gym or in group classes that gave me the same rush and feeling of accomplishment until I started functional fitness training. I now try to get to at least 3 - 4 Exceed classes a week between meetings and going between the different locations. On the weekends my workout is family time as I believe in a true life balance.

How important is it to complement the workouts at Exceed with some yoga or stretching?

Following the full healthy lifestyle idea, we believe that our workouts are intense and clients must follow that up with the proper nutrition as well as rolling or stretching. Taking care of your body outside the classroom is just as important as what you do inside the classroom.

What’s your studio style?

I like to keep it simple with a black tank and fun patterned pant. Since I am in between locations and going to different meetings before and after classes, I like to look polished. It is great to have a company like Sweaty Betty that understands that workout apparel needs to be functional as well stylish. I love your Pacesetter Run Vest and Zero Gravity Leggings, as they look as great out the studio as they do in.

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