What Is Core Fusion? Elisabeth Halfpapp Tells All

What Is Core Fusion? Elisabeth Halfpapp Tells All

Tell us about Core Fusion. How would you explain it to those who are unfamiliar with it?

Core Fusion is a heart-pumping, soul-searching, energy-producing fitness program that focuses on core strength for the ultimate full body workout. We use resistance bands, playground balls, weights, and your own body as resistance. You will sweat, shake, and melt fat away as you lengthen and tone your body and revive and refocus your mind. We also focus on position and alignment creating long lean functional muscles through all our Core Fusion styles of Core Fusion Barre, Cardio, Yoga, Sport, and Boot Camp.

What inspired you to create Core Fusion?

We wanted to create a program that is a lifestyle for both inner and outer change, fulfilling all your fitness needs with strengthening, flexibility, and cardio. We are consistently inspired to add new variations of our Core Fusion classes to help keep the program fresh and the muscles challenged.

What are the benefits of taking Core Fusion classes?

A balanced, calm and relaxed energy within and physically, long lean thighs, high round glutes, six pack abs, and chiselled arms like the body of a ballet dancer. Not to mention incredible posture and alignment! These classes also give you the foundation and sports conditioning for any activity or sport that you do: confidence.

Is Core Fusion just for those who practise yoga or do Pilates?

Core Fusion is for everyone especially if you are a dancer or athletic. It will give you balanced strength and flexibility, thus better performance and fewer injuries.

What is the most challenging part of Core Fusion?

The mind body focus; staying in the moment. This is athletic/dancer focused mind training where you need to concentrate on the exercises. Letting go of the ego and working with your wisdom, these are challenging, detailed exercises!

What is your favourite part of the Core Fusion program?

My favourite part of this program is the Core Fusion Barre class because I love the barre thigh and gluteal exercises.

Tell us about your background in the fitness world.

I was trained as a classical ballet dancer and performed professionally with the Hartford Ballet and Princeton Ballet. Through the Hartford Ballet I received my Dance Education degree. I started teaching at the first barre technique Lotte Berk Method in NYC in 1980 and fell in love with it. For 22 years, I taught, teacher trained, innovated, and managed this studio along with my husband Fred DeVito. In 2002, we founded Exhale and developed Core Fusion. At Exhale, I now oversee the mind body program with my husband for 20 locations, which involves teaching and teacher training. He and I also choreographed and appeared in 11 Core Fusion DVDs!

That’s quite the busy schedule. When you are not teaching Core Fusion, what other workouts do you love?

I still take ballet classes once or twice a week along with exhale power yoga classes, which I also teach.

Elisabeth is co-creator of the Core Fusion method and founder of Exhale Spa. Get kitted with our new arrivals and ready to sweat here.