5 tips before your first barre class

5 Tips Before Your First Barre Class

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Plie, sleep, repeat. Barre classes have been a serious buzzword in the wellness world for a while and we’re official converts. Promising to tone your body and improve your flexibility, barre classes involve performing small, isometric movements using your bodyweight and small dumbbells as well as resistance bands for serious results.

Keen to try barre? We have the answer, Barrecore. With 12 studios across the UK providing a seriously intense, low-impact workout, we’ve teamed up with them to offer you a series of their full-body sculpting classes at 7 of our London shops to kickstart your spring workout routine.

Before you pull on your grippy socks, Barrecore have shared 5 tips to get the most out of your barre class.

Leave your expectations outside

When you walk into your first Barrecore class, think of it as a safe space where you can exercise not only your body but your mind. Try and leave what has happened before class outside, so for one hour you can connect with your body and leave any stressful thoughts behind.

Barre is for everyone

As barre is such a low impact workout, it’s amazing because it’s completely suitable for every fitness ability. Most of our moves only use body weight for resistance, so they can easily be adapted for anyone, whether you’re a fitness novice, pre or post-natal or injured. Plus, this class will make you work hard, your muscles will be tested to their maximum and stretched out to create a long, lean physique (so expect shaking and burning).

Embrace the shake

You will often experience an intense burning sensation and shaking muscles in a Barre class, but this is a good sign! A Barrecore class focuses on tiny isometric contraction movements to work specific muscles to exhaustion. The shake happens as you push past your comfort zone and into fatigue, which is what you need in order to start to change. This is why our mantra is "Shake Today, Strong Tomorrow!’

Get endorphin ready

When we exercise we release endorphins to give the body a natural boost of happiness. Even if you walk into class feeling stressed, you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Bring a friend

Never underestimate the power of a good friend to motivate you through a class. It’s been proven that we push ourselves a little further in class with the help of someone else to motivate us and laugh with us. Plus, if you book in together there are no excuses not to attend, especially if you book in a post-class brunch.

We are popping up in 7 Barrecore studios across London on 23rd and 30th March, giving you the opportunity to shop our latest collection with 20% off and try out a Barrecore class on the day for just £10 (usually £28). Use the code SBBARRE when booking your first class online or in studio!

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