Why you should work out with a friend

Why You Should Workout With A Friend

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This summer we’re celebrating all things sisterhood and the power of female friendship with best friends Sophie Everard and Victoria Pendleton. Constantly on adventures together – hiking, surfing and getting active we’ve been inspired to grab our own girlfriends for the ultimate holiday or morning spin class.

Sun, sea and surf aside, the depth and breadth of your social connections will impact your health just as much as diet and exercise, so here’s a few reasons why you should enlist a fellow workout junkie.

Instant motivation

Want that extra hour in bed? You have less excuses to skip a class if you’re training with a friend or part of a team. Regular workout times or being part of a squad ensure you are far more likely to choose to get sweaty, as you don’t want to let anyone down. It’s also been proven that the exercise habits of friends and family members can affect personal motivation. How the people closest to us stay active has a positive influence and encourages us to do more, so grab a friend and getting sweating.

Community is key

It’s been proven that more than 40% of solo gym goers drop a workout regime within weeks when they are exercising alone, but when they work out with a friend, this decreases to 6%. ‘I love trying new workouts’ shares our Founder and Creative Director, Tamara ‘but it is the exercise where I have created a community that I return to again and again’. People who train together form a group identity and celebrating each other’s achievements leads to increased satisfaction. Joining a team or workout studio is also a great way of meeting a new community with similar interests and goals.

Mix it up

Want to try barre or a Barry’s Bootcamp class but feeling too nervous? If you grab a friend and turn the class into a morning date, you are far more likely to shake up your routine and try something new. Our tip? Schedule a post workout brunch or coffee, meaning you can sweat and then catch up. This works for home workouts too, we recommend creating a plan with a friend and combining your regular workouts, it’s a great way to try something new and improve form.

You’ll work harder

Numerous studies have found exercise effort increases for both cardiovascular and resistance training when working out with a partner, particularly, if they are more experienced. A recent study found training with a friend you perceive to be strong can increase both exercise intensity and duration. Consider the following: In England, women were surveyed on their exercise behaviour. The study found that 64% of women who train with their best friends were more likely to push their workouts to the limit than those who exercised on their own. Plus, even if you do spend the entire class at the back laughing, your workout (and the cake afterwards) is instantly more enjoyable.

Make it fun

Laughter is the best form of medicine, and those ‘training moments’ aren’t really funny if you don’t have someone to laugh with. ‘I truly believe there is an exercise for everyone’ shares Tamara, ‘it’s all about finding the right class for you and teaming up with a friend is a great way of finding ‘your’ workout,’ It’s so important that staying active is enjoyable’. Another way of increasing the fun factor is to come up with new ideas on how you can modify your exercises or make your runs together more interesting.

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