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Tamara's New Year's Resolutions 2018

The arrival of a new year is marked by nationwide self-promises to be a better, healthier you. In 2018, alongside my usual promises to eat more plants, try new things and take my supplements I’m thinking a little further afield. Here’s what I have planned so far.

Support women

2018 is the year for women to feel empowered. This year will mark 100 years since women won the right to vote and I would love to see more female role models out there being more real and supportive. Nobody’s perfect and I think it is important that women, especially those in the media spotlight, are honest about their struggles and are more truthful about the less than perfect parts of their lives.

Be confident

Heading into my late 40's, I will be trying to embrace my body for how strong and capable it is and not to worry so much about wobbly bits, but if I ever need an extra confidence boost I will rely on our bum-sculpting Zero Gravity Leggings.

Don’t take myself seriously

I’ve been listening to a BBC Radio 4 sitcom recently called ‘The Wilsons Save The World’, which is hilarious. It’s a tongue in cheek account of a family and their teenage daughters as they live a ‘cleaner, serener, life’ and it could actually be a dramatised version of my family. Caitlin Moran's appearance in the final episode was brilliant.

Embrace balance

With this in mind, 2018 is going to be a year of balance. We have a joke at Sweaty Betty that I am the first one on the yoga mat and last one on the dancefloor, so this year is going to be all about having fun, working out and enjoying that piece of cake when I want it.

Do what I really love

I usually try to shake up my workout regime. So, this year I will continue to do what I really love which is yoga, running, swimming and working out outside and with my friends. I'm really excited as I've treated myself to my first ever yoga retreat with Niki Perry in the Swiss Alps. When I want to shake up my routine, I'm loving the classes at our No.1 Carnaby Street studio, we have different workouts every day from dancing to Beyoncé to boxing alongside an MC.

Spend time with girlfriends

Work, husband, kids - life happens and can get in the way of seeing some of the most important people in my life, my girlfriends, especially as the kids get older and don't want to spend so much time with us! So, this year I am determined to continue to make time for these women who make me feel good and have fun building a community around working out and wine.

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