5 Tips For Your First Barry’s Bootcamp Class

5 Tips For Your First Barry’s Bootcamp Class

You’ve done it, you’ve signed up and the treadmills await. Barry’s Bootcamp aka ‘the hardest workout in the world’ combines running on treadmills with weighted intervals for serious sweat. Never fear though, Barry’s Master Trainer, Anya Lahiri is here with her top tips for your first ever Barry’s Bootcamp class.

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Find someone to come with you. For one if you go with a friend, you are far less likely to drop out and secondly it makes the class more fun as you can support each other throughout.


Listen to your trainer. For your first class I recommend getting there early and coming to talk to the team. Everyone here is incredibly friendly and wants to help, so don’t feel worried about asking how everything works, it will make your class much easier and fun.


Remember everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t forget fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Start at a slower jog pace and with lighter weights and work your way up. This will help you nail the form and get the most out of each moment of class. As long as you’re working to the best you can work, you should be happy.


Even if you have to modify the speeds called out by your trainer, try to add at least a little when they say to run faster. This is necessary to achieve the proper heart rate levels for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and get the fitness benefits that come with it.


Wear the right kit, yes this means comfortable workout gear and proper running shoes. I love the Power Gym/Workout Leggings with an All Train High Impact Sports Bra for Barry’s, as they are stretchy and supportive for every move.



It’s all about consistency, you can’t do one Barry’s Bootcamp class and get all the benefits in one go, it’s a steady climb. People get addicted, so I promise eventually you will feel like you want to go.

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