Meet the Sweaty Betty Team

Meet Us

meet the sweaty betty retail team

In-store launching our famous Power Leggings


We started with one shop in Notting Hill and now with shops from London to Hong Kong our retail family is on a mission to provide an exceptional customer experience. From Store Assistants to Area Managers, we offer countless opportunities to grow internally, something we are so proud of.


Supporting the business from the UK to the US, you’ll find Payroll, Recruitment, Learning and Development and HR under this umbrella. An area of the office with plenty of treats. In our fast-paced, hectic environment they are first to make time for you should anything arise, to lend a supportive ear or idea.

meet the sweaty betty people team

No pain, no champagne

meet the sweaty betty design team

The design team presents the new season collection


Headed up by our Founder and Creative Director Tamara, our all-female Product team covers everything from Buying, Design, Merchandising and Garment Technology. We design, test, buy and allocate everything in-house to ensure every piece passes the test. They are the ‘magic makers’ that ensure those leggings fit you in all the right places.

Operations & Logistics

Ever considered how our product arrives in store? Where we store it? Or how our Support Office runs smoothly? It’s safe to say we may fall apart without this essential team. They always make sure everything runs smoothly from warehouse logistics, to store openings, IT and the office itself.

meet the sweaty betty operations team

The key to organisation is pizza + prosecco

meet the sweaty betty marketing team

This is not a netball team, it’s Marketing at #SBLive


Wondering why you’re desperate for those leggings? You may have our marketing team to thank. They make our brand inspirational and approachable and are in charge of everything from social media, to PR, graphic design, copy, store design, photo shoots and all things digital. These are the brains behind every event and tagline.


The team behind our digital flagship, running the website to ensure a smooth shopping experience. This team knows that the online shopper should never be without their activewear fix, at any time day or night! These digital gurus love a late night and a TRX class.

meet the sweaty betty ecommerce team

A new kind of late night for the web team

meet the sweaty betty finance team

Leggings are mandatory in the Support Office


The bills have to be paid, so our finance team is an essential part of Team SB. They are our number one and first to answer any questions regarding payments, commercial insights and forecasting for the business. They provide invaluable information across the business alongside the occasional Friday prosecco.