Our leggings are designed to support you in all the right places. Need some high compression gym leggings for your workout? You'll find them here, in all lengths, and all colours.

  • Power Cropped Gym Leggings, Black | Sweaty Betty
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Getting your heart pumping is a must. And keeping your blood flowing is just as important. Our secret? Compression leggings. Our pairs apply just the right amount of pressure to support you without being too snug. Which means you can work harder during your workout, without a long recovery. And it’s not just about the soreness you get after sweaty sessions. You’ll also feel the difference in your muscles as you move in our compression tights. Heading out for a run? Our ultra-light, ultra-sculpting Zero Gravity Leggings have all the compression you’ll need. And if you’re more into crow pose than park runs? Our sleek, seriously flattering Super Soft Leggings will support your core from sun salutation to savasana. With an extra-high-rise waistband and leg-lengthening seamlines, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get our compression leggings for women.