Sweaty Betty Reversible Leggings

The reversible leggings to conquer inversions

There is perhaps no other activity where supportive and comfortable leggings make as big a difference to your practice as yoga. For one, you don’t want to be that person in the front row of your class with your underwear on show to everyone at the back. Sweaty Betty has mastered the art of creating fully opaque yet lightweight yoga leggings, like our hero pants: the Reversible leggings.

Then there’s the matter of ensuring they move and stretch through every pose, never distracting you with the need to readjust. “I always look for a higher waistband so you’re not forever pulling your leggings up in class,” says Sweaty Betty’s senior designer Lisa. “I love that the Reversible leggings have this feature, as well as an adjustable drawcord for safe measure”.

Finally, you deserve to feel comfortable while also looking stylish enough to go from the studio to the street in the very same outfit. The statement print of the Reversible leggings can be worn in one of two ways giving you more bang for your buck so to speak. Choose from a geometric all-over print with black side panels or black with contrasting printed panels. This not only means you can style up your leggings two ways with bright tops and neon bras, but they can be reversed from the yoga mat to brunch after class. “These leggings come in such a soft yet technical, sweat-wicking fabric, but on top of that the print and mesh panels are really different and striking,” adds Lisa.

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