Introducing Ditch The Label

Introducing Ditch the Label

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we’re very excited to release a limited edition collection designed to ‘Support Women, Support The World’. A donation from each top is being donated to the charities Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and Ditch the Label. Selected in partnership with SB ambassador and body positivity campaigner, Mia Kang, Ditch the Label was founded to combat bullying, by tackling the root causes and supporting young people who are impacted.

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Who are Ditch the Label?

Ditch the Label is an anti-bullying charity, dedicated to promoting equality that provides support to young people who have been negatively affected by bullying and prejudice. Their award-winning work spans across the UK, USA and Mexico. Founded by Liam Hackett when he was just 15 after he experienced years of severe verbal and physical abuse at school.

‘After a particularly vicious attack, I posted online about being bullied and was overwhelmed with the response from people either sharing their own experiences or offering support’ reflects Liam. ‘Literally overnight, an online community of thousands grew on MySpace and I called it 'Ditch the Label’ Thirteen years later, the charity aim to help with the issues that are associated with bullying, which can include confidence, self-esteem, mental health, body image and relationships.

‘We know that bullying is often a coping mechanism, a response to stress and trauma. For me – as somebody who was bullied at school – that’s a really empowering thing to know. Actually I wasn’t the reason I was being bullied’ shares Liam.

Why did we choose to work together?

Chosen in collaboration with ambassador and body positivity campaigner Mia Kang, we love that Ditch the Label has helped over 4 million young people through their website, and thousands more through support mentors.

‘Having been severely bullied as a child, Ditch the Label’s message really resonates with me’ reflects Mia. ‘I love how they encourage everyone to be strong within and unapologetically themselves’.

What does the charity do?

Ditch the Label have a dedicated community on their website with trained digital mentors ready to listen, support and help people to move forward. They help everyone affected by bullying and provide hundreds of articles covering a myriad of issues affecting young people. With digital abuse on the rise, they host a dedicated reporting platform where people can report harassment and abusive content; working closely with the moderation teams of most leading social media platforms to remove it.

What’s next?

This year Ditch the Label aim to continue to reach more young people than ever before and are always finding new and innovative ways to do this. ‘We visualise a world free from all types of bullying, a world where people are free to be themselves and where differences are celebrated’ reflects Liam.

‘We're delighted to be celebrating International Women's Day with Sweaty Betty on a campaign that empowers women to be proud of who they are’, says Liam, ‘all donations will go towards helping more people overcome the harmful and devastating impact of bullying.’

Find out more about Ditch the Label here and read our exclusive interview with Kat. Shop the Support Women, Support The World collection today and don’t forget to #iamasweatybetty.