A Day In the Life of Carli Goss

A Day In The Life Of Personal Trainer Carli Goss

Carli Goss is a personal trainer, spin teacher and yoga teacher-in-training. A vegan and fruitarian with a passion for health and fitness, she is also the creator of innovative exercise class Primal Fit that combines yoga and animal movements to a drum and bass soundtrack. Here, Carli shares with us an average day in the life of a fitness professional...

7:15am - I regularly teach spinning and cycle fitness classes around Canary Wharf in London. This morning I taught my Wake Up Cycle Class - an intense 45-minute workout that's a great way to start your day. For this class, I paired my Zero Gravity Leggings with the matching Homestraight Tank.

8:15am - As I am currently training to be a yoga instructor, I try to find time every day to engage in my own practice. Today, I opted for Ashtanga Yoga, which helps to quiet my mind and allow me to focus on the day ahead.

9:15am - As a personal trainer, I tailor fitness regimes to each client's needs. This morning, the session included some weight training. Because having the right support is essential for a good workout, I wore my favourite Upbeat Padded Bra, it’s so supportive and looks amazing.

12:10pm - After a quick break, I then teach my Primal Fit class. Lasting 45 minutes, it incorporates yoga and animalistic movements to enhance strength and flexibility using just your bodyweight. I like lots of stretch for this, so the Karma Yoga vest is a go-to.

1:10pm - Back to the spin studio I go! This time teaching R'n'B Cycle - a spin class performed to the beat of old and new R'n'B songs. I get changed for this for a sweat-wicking combination opt for an all-black, sweat-wicking ensemble for this session: I swear by my Athlete Vest and stretchy Power Leggings.

3:30pm - Next, I spend an hour leading a series of online personal training programmes, before helping another client through a 60-minute, face-to-face PT session.

6:30pm - After relaxing for an hour, I finish up my day by joining in with a 30-minute aerial yoga class - so much fun and a great workout! I always choose a comfortable, sweat-wicking top with a secure fit for this type of yoga, so this week I wore the Namaska Yoga Vest.

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