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types of running shoes

There are 4 different types of running shoes designed depending on your foot arch type, leg axis, and type of running.


Neutral running shoes have increased cushioning through the shoe to absorb the shock which a high arch is less able to cope with.


Structured running shoes provide cushioning as well as support the arch of the foot to compensate for mild to moderate over pronation.

maximum support

Maximum support running shoes prevent excessive inward roll (over pronation) and encourage you into the neutral position through maximum support throughout the shoe. Unfortunately we do not currently stock any maximum support running shoes.


Barefoot shoes give you the barefoot feeling when running, while still protecting your feet from the environment. It encourages you to land on with a flat foot (mid-foot strike) or on the ball of your foot (fore-foot strike), to recreate a more natural and efficient running gait. View barefoot shoes >

Use the running shoe guide to help you to find the perfect pair of running shoes with the right level of support, or view all running shoes.
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