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Fave Sweaty Betty Item of the Week (Week 4)

posted on Thursday, 8th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Warm up crop hoody £65
This hoody is my absolute favourite this season. It is a great crop length so looks really funky with a longer top underneath. The hood is extra big and silk lined so it feel really snug when you put it up. I went to the spa last night and as it was so cold when I left I put the hood up and felt warm all the way home. I have it in green which comes with matching pants as well ('Favourite Trackies' £40).

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Its for life not just for Christmas

posted on Thursday, 8th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 1 Comments

So this week hasnt been a huge training week for me. I have to shyly admit to the fact that i have chicken pox and i would also like to add that its less fun than when you are a kid. I have been out and about but health comes first so its been a week of superfoods and yoga. Today the sunshine was calling to me however and i found myself walking from Old Street to our Harrods concesion with a quick hello to our Soho girls on route. I do love my gym but whenever i have a great walk it reconfirms to me that exercise isnt always about a lady called Fonda. Its a lifestyle choice that eventally becomes a way of life. I think nothing of walking a few miles or cycling across London and small changes certainly add up.

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SS10 shoot

posted on Wednesday, 7th October 2009by Tamara | 0 Comments

Plans to shoot our summer 10 collection at an Olympic size pool in Mallorca with a professional diver have been thwarted as it is too expensive.  We have toyed with shooting in the UK as we want to ensure the British stamp is as strong as it was in our last successful campaign, but we have concluded that we must have sunshine to lift the photos.  We are heading back to Ibiza as we have such a great production agency, 365, over there. We will shoot it though so u are not quite sure where it is.  Spent yesterday styling up all 36 shots and getting hungover michelle to try them all on for us to take photos so we know exactly what we are going to shoot. It was a fantastic day as the samples are AWESOME.


We arrive at Gatwick at 4am for our 6am flight all looking and feeling very weary.  we're all wearing sB leggings to fly in - how can you fly in anything else once you have tried leggings?!  Flight is turbulent and we land in Ibiza in the middle of a rainstorm.  Nervous laughter and "well, we do want it to look british, dont we?" type comments abound.  The beach outside the hotel looks as if a hurricane has just hit it.  We go on a recce with our photographer to check out the locations we had thought appropriate but are all a bit dispirited as it doesnt look so good in the rain.  My vision is for the shoot to be out in the open air, come what may, it is all about summer and working out outside.  The product has been inspired by the hollywood hills and a californian surfy way of living so the shoot must reflect that.  tired, we go to bed praying for sunshine.  We are all woken in the night by the most almighty thunderstorm... in the morning we head over to the rocks by the Blue Marlin to shoot our model wearing our statement running range running up the rocks.  it is bucketing down.  next up she is doing yoga on a deck looking out to sea.  WE all stand around under palm type umbrellas watching our amazing model saluting the er....rain.


we are about to call it a day, when the sun appears.  And it stays appeared for the next 5 days.  perfect.  Our model is fab.  she runs so naturally and does yoga and loves sport in general.  And her body is so toned. ... and a Cambridge and St Martins graduate....unfair. we get some really fabulous shots.  our photographer is also great - he is used to shooting sports shoots so is keen for us to make it authentic and authoritative.  We shoot running up the rocks, sprinting on the beach, mountain biking through mud, doing yoga at sunrise on clifftops, open sea swimming, playing beach volley, tennis etc etc. It is so GREAT.


We have had such a successful shoot and everyone has worked so hard that we treat ourselves to amazing sushi near ibiza old town, head over to Rock Bar, find Vaughan in the hat who takes us 5 girls off to Pacha and...

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AW10 creative trip continues

posted on Wednesday, 7th October 2009by Tamara | 0 Comments

We have already been observing dance classes at pineapple and are taken with how confidently the ballet Dancers style themselves. They show off beautifully toned arms and backs with low cut leotards and skinny straps are order of the day. Off the shoulder baggy tees are tied at the waist and stirruped leggings look great with frayed legwarmers.  They are born performers and enjoy showing off their great bodies. We have the challenge to help our customers look as good as them, enhancing their femininity without drawing attention to bits of their body they are less happy with. It's a great challenge.


We are really keen to stick to our british roots and show this through our designs, so we visit Paul smith, Stella McCartney, Burberry, pringle an dover st market (which although stocking primarily foreign brands, it is targeting a british customer) to see how quintessentially british designers achieve this. It is a mixture of reworking classics and humourous crazy creativity. What Italian designer would have bambis runnin in and out of their store?! Expect the unexpected. Which is what we want to achieve with our sportswear.

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Boring but important

posted on Wednesday, 7th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 1 Comments

13M people expected to be affected by obesity in the UK.  2% of train travellers get to the station by bicycle in the UK compared to 33% in the Netherlands. 

Both of these statistics were in the same edition of the Times last week.  We are doing our best to inspire women in the UK to become more active and the challenge is a big one. 

Here is what the Times said: 'It costs the NHS £4.2BILLION a year to treat diseases caused by obesity.'  'Many of the diseases could be reduced by a more active lifestyle.' 'A parliamentary select committee said in 2004 that it costs £886 per head of population a year to provide what amounted to a national sickness service whereas "we spend £1 per person a year on sports and physical activity which could actually prevent a lot of that sickness"'. 'The Government will announce today that it is creating 10,000 additional secure cycle spaces aat stations as part of a commitment to "put cycling at the heart of transport policy"'. 'The Department for Transport has set a target of getting an additional 2.5 million people cycling regularly.'

I wonder if we could get cycle racks put outside each of our shops?  Where to start on that one?

Simon, MD

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3 Simple Moves for the Legs & Butt

posted on Tuesday, 6th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Fit Girl About Town musings...


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New Season...New Fitness Routine....

posted on Monday, 5th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 1 Comments

Today is definitely the start of Autumn. There is that one day every year where I really feel the seasons changing from Summer to Autumn. The air feels colder today, the sky a little hazier and the trees are changing colour. My heating has gone on, my gloves, boots and snuggly hoodies have been pulled out from the back of my wardrobe. I have packed up my flip flops and floaty dresses and said goodbye to them for another 6 months.

Lots of my clients have noticed the same thing today. Many people have said how they see Autumn as a new start, more monumental than January 1st. It marks a new change. I think that is such a great way to look at it. Why not use this week to kick start your new exercise routine? Send me any comments and ideas of how you are starting a new fitness regime for the new season.

The Sweaty Betty Yoga club in Bath start back tomorrow and I will be giving them some great new routines, tips and advice for the new season. I am planning to use stretch bands for tomorrow's class as I always think using equipment adds a fresh dimension to a routine. Strechbands in particular are great for helping to support you in stretches and allowing you to reach that little bit further. If you are exercising at home, a stretchband is a cheap, safe and easily stored piece of equipment to update your usual routine.

Also, I am going to make the most of this colder season by snuggling into some of Sweaty Betty's great new cool down gear. This season's hoodies and layer tops are going to be my wardrobe staple and I will not only cosy up in them at home but will be wearing them whilst guiding my clients through their relaxation at the end of each class.


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My Face Yoga Weekend

posted on Monday, 5th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

As many of my blog followers now know, as well as being obsessed with Sweaty Betty clothes and all things healthy, I am also a fan of Face Yoga. I have just returned from a great weekend in London presenting Face Yoga demos and sessions.

On Friday I went to the Healthy Magazine offices in Convent Garden to meet the editor. Healthy Magazine are writing a feature on my 15 minute Face Yoga programme and why it is so important to exercise and massage the face as well as the body. Healthy is the U.K's top selling health magazine and is available in all Holland and Barrett stores. Look out for my article early next year.

On Saturday I presented at the Mind Body Soul Show in Olympia. It was great to experience to go to the MBS Show and although it is much smaller than many of the other health shows I present at, there was lots of interesting lectures and demos on health, well being, healing and therapies. Particulary interesting were the classes and demos on meditation, Reiki and Shiatsu. Keep an eye on my blog over the next week for my pictures of the show.


Another one of my passions (which I got to indulge in this weekend) is great health food shops. The best one I have ever found is Whole Foods on Kensignton High Street. This shop is amazing and is packed full of yummy treats and healthy snacks. It always inspires me to try new foods and reminds me why it is so important (and fun!) to eat fresh, healthy foods. One of the top tips I always give my clients is to try a new food from a health food shop once a month. This keeps healthy eating plans interesting and there is something so motivating about having a snack which tastes nice but isn't naughty!

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What's in your lunch box?

posted on Monday, 5th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Yes Betties, the big food debate!! What should one eat if one is to soar like an eagle? Well, secretly we know don't we...it's not like you look at a chocolate cake and say to yourself "yes, this is the food source that will turn me into a Goddess!" Yet, there are still so many questions surrounding what and what not to eat. Unfortunately there is a lot of conflicting evidence out there so making informed decision can be a little tough at the best of times.

So I thought I would throw a little advice your way, in case you are interested. It's what works for me and lotsa my ladies so give it a try and see what you think...

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 1: Always eat breakfast! It sets your metabolism up for the day as digestion itself burns calories. I'm a porridge girl through and through, I have mine with blueberries for a little antioxidant super power!

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 2: Eat protein (meat/fish/eggs/dairy*/nuts/seeds) with every meal. Eating protein slows down the rate of sugar absorption from carbohydrates into your bloodstream, reducing energy spikes and lows as well as reducing your body's fat storing abilities (yes please!!) So with breakfast that might mean a poached egg, or some yoghurt* mixed in with your porridge; for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks that might mean some nuts or seeds; for lunch that might mean some chicken; and for dinner that might mean some fish.

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 3: Eat 5-6 times a day. As in food rule no. 2, digestion burns energy slimming those thighs and trimming that tum. A regular day might be, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a light mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Don't go crazy on portion sizes here, and NO, biscuits do not count as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks!!

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 4: Drink 1.5-2 litres of water per day - the toxins have to be flushed out Betties, so get to drinking!!

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 5: Your plate should be coloured with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Berries are the Queens of fruit, and the green leafy sort, are the Kings of veggies. I couldn't live without my daily fix of blueberries, spinach, and broccoli. Turn your nose up at the greens if you will, but I'm a huge fan of their cellulite busting abilities! In fact fruit and veggies are the kind of carbohydrates that your body loves, keep away from the starchy variety (rice, potatoes, wheat-free bread) after 3pm.

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 6: Don't be scared of fats! Omega fats found in oily fish, nuts and seeds are great at shifting the stubborn fat that you're trying to get rid of. Embrace good fats!!!!

*Dairy doesn't agree with some as our ability to digest milk sugar can reduce as we leave childhood. If you're not sure, drink a glass of milk and see if it bloats you. Yoghurt can have slightly different properties and may not have the same bloating effect.

Fit Girl About Town musings...


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Fave Sweaty Betty Item of the Week (Week 3)

posted on Sunday, 4th October 2009by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Yoga Headband £8
Sweaty Betty always do such a great range of headbands and at reasonable prices too. I always think they are such a stylish way of keeping your hair off your face when in your downward facing dog! I have this headband in mint and red and they are designed to match the whole yoga range this season so you can co- ordinate your fitness gear and look just as stylish in the gym as out. This headband is super soft and it's great quality too so it can be washed again and again and still look fabulous.

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