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How to get Ironman-ready, as told by an Olympic triathlete

posted on Thursday, 10th July 2014by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

The season of intense sporting competitions has well and truly begun. With Ironman soon to be landing in the USA's Colorado and Bolton, UK, and the London Triathlon just a few weeks away, Sweaty Betty sought the help of two-time Olympian and inspirational triathlete Michelle Dillon to find out her recommendations on kit, taper training and re-fuelling during the race.

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The Tri Guide: Your Triathlon Questions Answered

posted on Monday, 12th May 2014by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

This is your go-to guide for conquering a triathlon. 

Sweaty Betty teamed up with double Olympian and former Triathlon champion Michelle Dillon to host a TAKE ON THE TRIATHLON event and tri Q&A in our Soho store, as well a follow-up Twitter Takeover where you Tweeted us your top triathlon questions to be answered by Michelle. 

Missed both events? No problem - we took note of the questions and answers, and have written them all down in a blog, just for you. From tri-suits to supplements to which bike tyres to choose, we've rounded up the must-know info to help you conquer the race - swim, bike, run.
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How To Conquer A Triathlon - as told by a double Olympian

posted on Friday, 9th May 2014by Sweaty Betty | 4 Comments

On Wednesday 7th May, two-time Olympian and former European Triathlon Champion Michelle Dillon hosted our most recent Guest Instructor Event, revealing her top pointers for training and race day with a group of women soon to be taking on a triathlon. 

Within the walls of our Soho boutique, Michelle covered everything from nutrition advice and transition tips to what to pack on race day and how to choose the best kit.

We thought it a little unfair for aspiring triathletes to miss out on such fantastic advice, so we thought we'd share it with you on a blog... You can thank us later.

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Another Reason To Enter A Triathlon In 2014

posted on Wednesday, 7th May 2014by Sweaty Betty | 24 Comments

Here at Sweaty Betty, we've taken it upon ourselves to help you conquer this year's triathlons, so we enlisted the help of double Olympian and former European Triathlon Champion Michelle Dillon. As the winner of the 220 Triathlon Coach of the Year Award 2010, Michelle is the absolute authority on all things triathlon.

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Sweaty Betty Meets Two-Time Olympian Michelle Dillon

posted on Tuesday, 29th April 2014by Sweaty Betty | 1 Comments

A two-time Olympian, former European Triathlon Champion and winner of the 220 Triathlon Coach of the Year Award 2010, Michelle Dillon is the ultimate authority on all things training. Also the host of our exclusive 'Take On The Triathlon' event, Sweaty Betty caught up with Michelle to find out all on her motivation, personal bests and top training tips.

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Find your essential kit for your triathlon this Summer

posted on Tuesday, 1st March 2011by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Triathlon is a multi-discipline sport including swimming, cycling and running. You will be swimming in (probably) cold water, then cycling (still wet!) and finally running (possibly in strong sunshine). 

A multi-discipline sport means that you need to get the clothes right. They should be versatile and suited to all three disciplines, so you save time in transition between the three.

To make it as easy as possible to find the right kit we asked our buyer Karen, who is a keen triathlete, to talk us through the key pieces needed to cover your triathlon training and most importantly your race day.

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Our wetsuits made in the UK

posted on Tuesday, 7th September 2010by Tamara | 0 Comments

I haven't told you about my trip to see our wetsuit supplier, snugg, in newquay yet have I? Well it is an awesome set up right by Fistral beach so they can check for wave action all the time! They do bespoke wetsuits as well as off the peg for triathletes, surfers and open water swimmers. I was wanting mine for future triathlons (?!) so the owner (and pattern cutter) measured me up. He had just come back from a Parisian race course where he had been measuring up a sultan's daughter for her Jet ski wetsuit,  and then me! Catering for all sorts. 

Anyway he explained exactly what sort of thickness and stretchability you needed in which areas for maximum efficiency and speed. Then we incorporated the technical spec into beautiful panelling detail. This is for next summer's tri wetsuit. Watch this space...


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tri training

posted on Wednesday, 9th June 2010by Tamara | 1 Comments

I've been busy with my training for my tri in July.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of swimming in the sea in our AMAZING wetsuit, which I’ve decided to swim in for the actual event because even though it isn’t slick skin all over, the arms are super stretchy and I can swim fine in it.

I’ve also tested out our trisuit and I absolutely love it.  It is in sensitive, the miracle Italian fabric I love because it is super supportive, lightweight and dries really quickly.  5 minutes into cycling after swimming in it, it seems to feel dry again. 

I've got renewed energy and zest to go out running and swimming in the high summer fluoro collection, although I must admit, running on the Cornish moors during half term, I definitely scared off the local sheep and probably a few farmers.

We’re just signing off next Summer’s designs inspired by themes that range from Alice in Wonderland to the 1930’s British seaside.  I’ll be making sure we have a great range for triathlons next year too.

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shock absorber women's only triathlon July 3rd

posted on Tuesday, 9th March 2010by Tamara | 7 Comments
I have finally signed up for a triathlon this summer

I have finally signed up for a triathlon this summer at Dorney Lake.  Anyone on for joining me?!  My aim for the moment is not so much to get the fastest time, but to look good in our new Sweaty Betty trisuit...

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