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Sweaty Betty blog: Toby Garbett

Empowering Women Through Fitness

Sweaty Betty invites you to a master Pilates class

posted on Tuesday, 30th November 2010by Sweaty Betty | 3 Comments

Join us for a master Pilates class with our special guest instructor Toby Garbett, Olympian and two-time World Champion, on the 7th Dec 6.30 at our Kings Road 125 boutique.

Call our 125 Kings Road boutique now at 020 73497597 to book a place.

Find out more about Toby here.


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Guest Instructor Evening: Toby Garbett

posted on Wednesday, 8th September 2010by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Former Olympian and World Champion rower Toby Garbett transformed Kings Road 125 into a Pilates studio that any enthusiast would be eager to train at.

Having developed a method of training from a sportsman’s point of view he was able to bring a high level of authority to the evening.  As the participants of the evening entered the studio they gently greeted by Toby as he took an immediate interest in their past training and what they wanted to take away from the class.


Once the keen chatter subsided Toby began the evening by giving everyone a brief history of his career and detailed that he is a highly experienced fitness consultant and Pilates instructor, providing leading edge fitness training to corporate and private clients.



Taking the participants through the class they felt both challenged and elated that they had been able to participate in such a fulfilling evening with an awe inspiring and motivational instructor, participants were pushed to get through the class with the kind encouragement of their instructor.


Please look out for our next evening with Toby as it is sure to just as fulfilling as the last.



Here's a snippett of how the evening went!




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Toby Garbett Guest Instructor Interview

posted on Wednesday, 25th August 2010by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

What is your personal best?       

I would have to say becoming a rowing World Champion for the 1st time. I suffered illness and injury with a prolapsed disc in the years before which is how I discovered PILATES.  After rehabilitating with P and T Physiotherapy I changed my posture in and out of the boat and achieved my potential.

What is your future goal?

My clients are my little project. I take great pleasure in watching them going from a “walker to a runner “or a “10 stone to 9 stone” or “them having to go shopping as they have changed body shape” or a “club sportsman or Women becoming a Professional Athlete. I am keen to influence and work with as many people as possible with my all rounded method.

What is your power song?

Oh good one! It’s got to be (Lose yourself) EMINEM it will send shivers down your spine. You can watch me workout to it and win my medals at http://www.tobygarbett.com/career/

What is your favourite time to work out?

People don’t like to hear it but my most successful clients just get up out of bed and get on with so this is what I do. Plus it just gets you fired up and awake to tackle the day ahead. 

Describe your Guest Instructor night

Well my session on Sept 7th 2010, will be Mat Pilates based plus some equipment. My background as a GB rower and Olympian shines trough which is why my clients have referred to it as Pilates “super charged”.  I am yet to understand what they mean by this? I also don’t know of any other World Champion male Pilates Instructors which makes me quite individualised I guess.   But I love working with people of all standards and will accommodate anyone plus I want people to have fun.

Provide a tip on how to get fit for free

It’s so basic but, why not try to travel to your destinations by walking running or cycling. It’s a great way to get fitness in your day as well as saving money and being green. It’s a win, win situation. Plus there are now docking stations in London with bikes provided so no excuses.

Call our Kings Road 125 store on 020 7349 7597 to book a place for Sept 7th 2010.

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