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Empowering Women Through Fitness

PBs, Training & Taking On The London Marathon

posted on Monday, 14th April 2014by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Each year, when a sporting event as famous as the London Marathon comes around, the Sweaty Betty team are the first to put their name in the ballot; eager to get their running shoes on the start line and try to smash their personal bests.

For the 2014 Marathon, it was Clare Fraser - Assistant Manager at Sweaty Betty Walton, whose training and fitness achievements particularly caught our eye. Just 24 hours after the London Marathon, we caught up with Clare to look back at her marathon training, and find out what time she achieved on race day.

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Swim, Bike, Run – The Cycle Show 2010

posted on Monday, 20th September 2010by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments
This October Sweaty Betty will be present at the cycle show, presenting its latest Tri Collection. Please join us October 8th-10th at Earls Court for more information on our latest Collections.

Swim, Bike, Run...
This October Sweaty Betty will be present at the cycle show, presenting its latest Tri Collection. Please join us October 8th-10th at Earls Court for more information on our latest Collections.

Book ticket at: www.cycleshow.co.uk/SWE
Ticket offer code: SWE
Ticket price: £10.50*(£15 on the door price)
E mail Subject: Cycle Show 2010- Get in for less with Sweaty Betty
Everyone’s going bike mad
The Cycle Show once again sets the scene for all cycling fans across the UK, with even more leading bike brands, try out tracks and opportunities to buy clothing, helmets and accessories in the Cycle Store.
Great news, Sweaty Betty will be at the Cycle Show this year and as a member of our mailing list we are able to give you a discount on your entry for any one of the following dates 8th, 9th and 10th of October 2010.
Booking online could not be easier, with the following details you will be able to purchase your ticket for just£10.50* rather than £15.00 on the door.
So if you are keen on seeing the team from Sweaty Betty, visit www.cycleshow.co.uk/SWE and quote offer codeSWE to get for your tickets for less.
The Cycle Show takes place at Earls Court 1, London and is open daily from 10am to 6pm (Sunday is 10am to 5pm).
We look forward to seeing you there. Come and see us at the Sweaty Betty stand C28.  
The Sweaty Betty Team
*Discount only valid on tickets bought in advance and based upon 'on the door' ticket price of £15.00. All tickets are subject to a £1 transaction fee per booking only. The price shown here does not include the fee.

Cycle Show
8th-10th October, Earls Court, London

Book now at www.cycleshow.co.uk/le or call 0844 848 0132
Visit the Biggest and Best Cycle Show In the UK
The Cycle Show 2010 is the place to see some of the world’s leading 2011 bike and accessory brands all under one roof. Not only can you see the latest bikes, you can try the bike of your dreams and order from the exhibitors.
The show is a great chance to meet the teams from leading bike brands, see the latest clothing & accessories or simply book a family cycling holiday.
You’ll also find experts willing to share their cycling knowledge, four test tracks to suit all ages and abilities, celebrity Q&A sessions where you can listen to and talk with some of the biggest celebrities in cycling, spectacular aerial BMX displays, purchase clothing helmets, shoes, sun glasses and cycle lighting in the Cycle store and much, much more.
Book in Advance and Save!
Buy your ticket in advance and save £3 off the ‘on the door’ price. Tickets are just £12.00 in advance and include a Free Show Guide for every visitor. Book online at www.cycleshow.co.uk/le
Show Highlights
Mountain Bike Experience
The Triol Mountain Bike Experience gives you the unique opportunity to check out the very latest mountain bikes before they hit the shops to gain some expert riding tips and techniques.
The Track is custom built using ‘North Shore’ elements and is expertly designed to offer the best environment to test your skills.
What’s more Australia’s very own national team coach, Kurt Exenberger, will be on hand to provide specially designed coaching sessions.
Choosing the basic riding position, bunny hops and negotiating obstacles will all be covered during his sessions, which run daily at 11:00 and 13:00.
Visit www.cycleshow.co.uk/kurt to book a session.
Get ready to show off those skills on the test track after receiving his expert training and advice.

The Cycle Arena:
The cycle arena hosts a series of talks and interviews by industry experts and top stars of the cycling world from technicians, journalists and star riders. The sessions caters to all types of levels of cyclist and covers topics from suspension set-up to winning grand tour stages.

Street Course Demonstrations:
The Cycle Arena also has a spectacular BMX aerial display course and will host some of the world’s top riders.

Kinds Test Track:
This track is a fun, educational and safe way for kids 5 years and under, to try out the latest ranges of pavement bikes, with fully qualified instructors on hand to give out advice. If you are a parent this is your opportunity to get your kids inspired to become the future of cycling.

Commuter Test Track:
The Commuter Test Track is designed specifically with the commuter in mind and gives you the opportunity to try the latest commuter bikes including folding and electric bikes. If you are thinking of taking up commuting by bike to work for the first time or looking to upgrade, you can get valuable advice and get a taster of the different types of bikes available.

Secure Bike Park:
Ride to the show and use the free secure bike park. The bike park will be manned throughout the show, is totally secured, and a ticketing system used to sign your bike in and out.

New For 2010...

Cycling for Disabled People of All Ages:
This feature will open your eyes to a whole new world of cycling, one which everyone can enjoy. If you’ve thought you can’t cycle, or you have friends who are not cycling because they think they can’t, do visit this stand. There will be a range of cycles available and lots of advice on hand. There’s a handcycle competition in which you can participate, ad you can also try some of the cycles on the Commuter test track.

6-12 Year Olds Test Track:
This test track is specifically designed for kids between the age of 6-12 with go-ride sessions run by fully qualified coaches from British Cycling. Go-Ride coaching activities have been designed to introduce young people to a range of cycling disciplines, such as; BMX, Cycle Speedway, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking, Road and Track Riding.

Indoor Triathlon:

The Triathlon will be open to all visitors and will include cycling, rowing and running. This is your chance to participate and challenge your friends to a fitness test. There will be competitions taking place throughout the show and prizes for the winning male and female competitor. Please visit www.cycleshow.co.uk to book your place.

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west is best?

posted on Thursday, 17th June 2010by Sweaty Betty | 1 Comments
I feel like somehow i have become an adopted cockney

I feel like somehow i have become an adopted cockney. Maybe its because of the boxing, maybe its my love of markets, maybe its the fact that i can happily refer to things as "cushty", either way I love East London. However new shores beckoned and my heart led me back to West London for the first time in few years. We are now the pround inhabitants of a mews house and Hyde Park is going to replace Viccy Park as my training ground. The funny thing is that the last time i lived in West London i was training for the moonwalk with SB. I remember countless laps of Hyde Park early in the morning, and one lovely practice "run" with Emma and two lovely Hampstead customers. I also have fond memories of rehab following the end of my boxing career and the moments that i ran my first, second and third marathons. So West London I am back and ready to discover the best training hot spots. The yoga is still going well and my bridges are improving...warrior 3 is still a little shakey though so perhaps a near by yoga studio should be on the cards? There are 2 tracks near by thank goodness and I have for the first time ever began to include a swimming pool in my search. If these lungs are to get stronger then the water wings are going to have to be dusted off and put to use...watch out Simon ill be at that tri start lineup very very soon!

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Did somebody say marathon? Part I

posted on Wednesday, 24th March 2010by Sweaty Betty | 1 Comments

Well, isn't it lovely Betties, spring is finally here! The mornings are getting lighter, and too, the evenings! Everyone is in slightly better form with the prospect of warmer weather and longer days. The daffs are starting to flower, one can even buy a bunch from good old M&S for a mere 99 pennies!  I have a bunch adorning my desk to add a little cheer to my day!  March is nearly over which means...oh crap!!!!!!!...the London marathon is nearly here!!!  OK scrap all that gorgeous-days-of spring chat...we've got more important things to talk about...like 26.2 miles baby!!!

OK, so, you're doing the marathon, or you know someone's friend's dog's aunty who is doing it.  All of those people you see in droves running for miles at the weekend are sure to be marathon entrants.  So where are we at with just 4.5 weeks to go? (As someone running the marathon, I like to do the countdown to the decimal point e.g. 4.5 weeks as opposed to 4...4 is a much scarier proscpect!). You're probably scheduled to do your longest run this weekend or the following, and then it's all about reducing your mileage for the big day! So let's make a checklist shall we! Every girl likes a list!

1. Stick to your training plan:

You will have been following a 16-20 week plan, which will seem like forever, but with just 4.5 (it's all about the decimals) weeks to go, now is not the time to make any changes to your programme.  No tweaks, no adjustments!

2. Shoe-sies:

How are your trainers looking?  Are they still giving you the suport they once did?  Trainer life lasts approximately 3-6 months for regular runners.  If you've been training for the big one, and you've had your trainers for longer than that, you've got just enough time to get a fresh pair (same make and style as the previous ones...again, no tweaks, no adjustments), and break them in before the big day.

3. Aches and Pains:

If you are nursing a niggling injury and are just ploughing through it, then do be sure to get some professional help.  Vowing to yourself to just get through it, may lead you worse off in the long term!

4. Food & Drink at home:

You're about to put your body through its paces.  I know I don't really need to mention this, but now is not the time for the McDonalds diet (even if they do make salads nowadays).  You want to ensure you are stocking up on lean meat and fish and plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Also opt for somplex carbohydrates like rice and sweet potatoes, over ones that will bloat you like bread and pasta.

5. Food & Drink when racing:

26.2 miles is a long way.  Sadly a bowl of porridge the morning of, will not last you throughout the race.  Be it sports drinks or sports gels you intend on using, you must add them to your long runs now.  Some sugary drinks and gels can lead to severe cramping during the race if your body is not used to them.  I'm a fan of Go Gels, less gloopy than the other gels and mildly more-ish!

6. Food & Drink the week before:

You may have heard of carb loading, which is essentially depleting your body of carbs about 6 days before the race and then loading up on them 3 days before the race to store as much energy from food as you can to ideally reduce the chance of hitting a wall during the race.  I'll cover this in more detsil over the coming weeks.

7. Grooving:

Do you plan on listening to music on the day?  If so, choose your songs wisely!  I'm going to post about what will be on my playlist in the coming weeks, and do let me know the tunes which you intend on running to.  I generally set my playlist to how I will feel at each stage.  Mile one is all about the party tunes, and then mile twenty, is hard core kick ass beats that will help me push through! 

8. Wardrobe:

Again, 26.2 miles is a long old time!  Make sure you wear comfortable clothing.  How will you know if it's comfy?  Practice your long runs in your intended marathon garbs.  

I'm going to be all about the marathon for the next 4 (.5!) weeks so feel free to comment with any questions that you might have on injuries, food, training, race plans etc. Fit Girl About Town musings...


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