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Empowering Women Through Fitness

Behind the scenes of Autumn Winter 2014

posted on Wednesday, 30th July 2014by Tamara | 0 Comments

After months of anticipation, Sweaty Betty's edgiest collection yet has finally arrived in-store and online. Entitled 'Hidden Treasures In An Urban Jungle', the new Autumn Winter 2014 collection was first thought up during a trip to Milan. Here, Sweaty Betty's Founder and Creative Director Tamara shares her inspirations and some behind-the-scenes insights on the new lines, plus reveals her favourite piece from the collection. 

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Meet the founder of AquaCycling, NYC...

posted on Friday, 25th July 2014by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

AquaCycling is the latest fitness trend to take the New York workout scene by storm. Attended by athletes and celebrities alike, the premise of the workout is a spin class that takes place in a pool, with the water adding extra resistance to enhance the body-sculpting benefits.

Brought to the US by French entrepreneur and fitness-lover Esther Gauthier, it was a chance encounter with the class during a trip to Paris that first introduced her to this innovative workout, and inspired her to bring it to Manhattan. Sweaty Betty sat down with Esther to find out all on her background, the class itself, her favourite post-workout foods and her weekly fitness regime.

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Meet the Salabasana Capris

posted on Tuesday, 20th August 2013by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

I shall tell you of the soul. The soul is God who is immortal and infinite, who has no beginning and will have no end, and who both exists and does not exist. Those who know the soul, are immortal.
- Bhagavad Gita 13.12-17

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New Autumn Collection: the Inspiration

posted on Thursday, 1st August 2013by Tamara | 0 Comments

Beyond Blastoff has all the essential ingredients of a Sweaty Betty collection – a determined design team pushing the boundaries of fitness and fashion, months of behind-the-scenes planning and energetic shoots in Champoluc and East London. The hard work has certainly paid off: the newest collection is our most directional and advanced to date, and I couldn’t be more pleased to announce the launch of the autumn season.

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Inspiration for the Big Blue Collection

posted on Wednesday, 29th May 2013by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

The Big Blue collection is a visual feast of bright colours and patterns reminiscent of tropical fish, coral reefs and scalloped-shaped seashells. Sweaty Betty designer Julia Ison-Stierer talks inspiration for the collection’s design, from a 1980s French film classic to a summer holiday in Thailand.

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It's all about you...

posted on Monday, 13th June 2011by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments
Customer care manager, Rebecca, invites you to share with the Sweaty Betty community your inspirational stories and adventures. Here is our first inspirational customer, Ceri, who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Here at the Sweaty Betty Customer Care Team office, we are constantly on a mission to live by our purpose of “Empowering Women Through Fitness” From the minute we walk in to the office until the  second we leave, this purpose is what  we live and breathe.
Every day, we are communicating with you, our customers. We constantly strive to give you all of you the customer service you expect from Sweaty Betty. Whether it is offering you advice to ensure you are purchasing the best gear for your chosen activity, to making sure that your order is delivered to you in perfect condition, we thrive on ensuring that you are happy!
Along with this, comes building relationships with all of you as much as we can. The Sweaty Betty Design team are constantly working hard to ensure that we are providing you with the best looking and technical sports clothing, and we all know that is constantly being achieved. So know we want to know more about how our clothing has made an impact in your life. We all absolutely love hearing and reading your stories about the challenges you attempt in your lives, and how Sweaty Betty has played in a part in them.
I was so delighted to receive an email from one of our loyal customers Ceri, who had recently climbed Kilimanjaro and has just attempted her first ever marathon in Bristol! Wow! She was all kitted up in her All Stars Vest and her Sweaty Betty water bottle was close to hand during her Kilimanjaro trek and she looks absolutely stunning and is just simply glowing after her run in the Stride Skort Capris!  Here is what Ceri had to say about her climb and her first run:
“I only began running after my Kilimanjaro climb and entered this race just 2 months later 'to see how I would get on.'  Having never been a runner before I followed a good running training plan. I expected to run the race in 1hour 40mins or 1hour 30mins if it proved to be a good day - imagine my complete surprise and shock to find I completed the race in just 1hour 10mins and 3 seconds!!!  I am now entering the Race for Life 10k in Cardiff on July 2nd for more experience and am running with a team for The Stroke Association in the Cardiff Half Marathon in October - all in my Sweaty Betty kit that I love so much of course!
Thank you so much for your generous contribution towards the running skort (I have bought the short running skort also) - I find your clothing inspiring because in them I feel good, feel like I look good and want to get out exercising in them.”

-Ceri Davies
We find Ceri’s adventures to be truly inspirational. She proves that we are all capable doing anything if we put our minds to it. Truly empowering.
We all wish Ceri the best of luck (not that she needs it!) for her next run in Cardiff in July and look forward to hearing all about it.
Customer Care and Fulfilment Manager
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Roadshow ends week 3 with health, happiness and inspiration

posted on Friday, 15th April 2011by Sweaty Betty | 0 Comments

Thursday morning
Sweaty Betty and Adventure boot camp teamed up to do an outdoor workout session at the Rugby club in Whiteley village. Nick put us through our paces with a mixture of boxing, chariot racing, cardio and resistance training. Warm down was a mix of yoga stretching. Thanks Nick for a great session we are feeling it in the legs and arms today!
Thursday lunch
Sweaty Betty met up with Alex Petsch for lunch and some Yogi inspiration. Alex has an impressive background and is now a Yoga teacher working with Nahid DeBelgeonne. Alex's passion for Sweaty Betty kit, yoga anatomy and rehabilitation through yoga was evident (she arrived head to toe in SB jumpsuit, escape jacket and fitflops).  After lunch we got a fast masterclass on safety in yoga, performing the half warrior correctly and focusing on what you can do safely in a yoga class rather than attempting a pose that's too advanced and risking injury. All in all a healthy happy and yogic lunch thanks Alex we look forward to seeing you soon.
Thursday night
Sarah Martin founder of "Ladies at 11" women’s only networking group is running 3 marathons in 2weeks to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Foundation. Sweaty Betty Road show team went to meet Sarah and her team at the Charity Health and Fitness networking event.
Alex Edge from Inside Performance coaching gave an inspirational presentation of her journey in the 2000 BT Global Challenge, known as "the world’s toughest yacht race". As the skipper of the yacht Quadstone, Alex developed a group of amateurs into a high-performing team and led them to victory against the odds. Alex quoted Sir Peter Blake "obstacles are what you see when you take your mind off the goal”, and we left feeling healthy, happy and totally inspired. Thanks Sarah, Steph, Alex and team for such a great evening.

Roadshow crew

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Im coming up...

posted on Friday, 12th March 2010by Sweaty Betty | 1 Comments
"The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong

"The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must handle the pain with strategy...It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed." This is a famous quote from Jacqueline Gareau who was a Boston marathon champion in the 1980's. As someone that loves to go to the extremes in sports it has always been a quote that i have enjoyed and taken a small amount of solice in. I have had periods of both illness and injury and it has always been the quote that i think of when i am back on that first comeback training session. Those for me are the hardest. You remember the heady heights of your own former glory of previous months and yet there you are puffing your way round a three miler as a granny on a zimmer zips past you. The thing is that there will always be times when it is hard, there will be weeks or months when training is not possible for whatever reason.  Any one can be a former runner, swimmer or champion but not everyone has the strength of mind or character to start back on the bottom rung of the ladder and slowly make the climb back up. I've dropped a few rungs of the ladder lately in my running but ill be back up there climbing tomorrow morning (around 6am if anyone fancies it...) and the 5.30 power yoga class this morning served to highlight the fact that the ladder isnt even in sight for me here...but i do enjoy a sporting challenge. And thats my point: The difference is in the person that does make a comeback. Those few that take the hit on their chin and force themselves back up the ladder and end up faster, harder and stronger than before. Every athlete suffers setbacks but only the great make comebacks.

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