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march 2008 running survey results

Top answers to survey question "What is your personal power song? (The one that instantly lifts you when you think you are about to give up!)" in our 08 Running survey
Holding out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler...!
Rocky theme! (it has to be!) Eye of the Tiger!
Wake me up before you go go by Wham!!
I'm So Excited (The Pointer Sisters ...very 80s)
Ice Cube: You Can Do It (Put Your Ass Into It)
Ain't no mountain high enough
Tubthumping – Chumbawumba
The final countdown – Europe
Chariots of fire – Vangelis
I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Houston
1       How does running make you feel?
Strong, powerful, feminine, exhilarated, alive, challenged, out of breath, sweaty, painful, bored, achy, smug, free, hot, breathless, invigorated, calm, virtuous and euphoric were just some of the varied responses we got to this question.
2 Which type of runner are you?
  Response Percent
Elite (full-on marathon and race winner!) Response equal to 1 1%
Hardcore (bounce out of bed at 5am raring to go!) Response equal to 10 10%
Regular (your goal is to run 1-3 times a week, weather permitting!) Response equal to 62 62%
Reluctant (once a month when the guilt is unavoidable!) Response equal to 28 27%
Makes me smile to see the majority exercise at least once a week!
3 What top do you prefer to run in?
  Response Percent
Carefree – freebie cotton t-shirt Response equal to 9 9%
Careful – good sports bra plus any top Response equal to 56 56%
Cutting Edge - sweat wicking, reflective, lightweight running top Response equal to 36 35%
Once you’ve tried ‘cutting edge’ you’ll never go back, promise!
4 What bra do you run in? (Let’s be honest ladies!)
  Response Percent
A high impact, recently bought, sports bra Response equal to 53 53%
Sports bra older than a year Response equal to 39 38%
Normal bra Response equal to 9 9%
Glad you’re looking after your assets!
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