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Aerobic activity increases the heart rate and heightens oxygen consumption to provide the body with the energy it needs, in order to improve physical fitness. As a result, during exercise you breathe faster and your core temperature increases, causing the body to sweat in an attempt to cool you down. Aerobic activities begin with a warm up session. This is followed by cardiovascular fitness which involves being rhythmic, continuous and using large muscle groups under low to moderate tension over an extended period of time. Finally comes the cool down phase, where exercise intensity is gradually decreased to lower the heart rate.


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A workout outfit comprises of a sweat-wicking vest, pair of fitted, high stretch bottoms, sports bra designed for high impact exercise and finally a pair of trainers tailored to your foot type and gait (how your feet land when you run). Fundamentally clothes must be designed to manage moisture effectively and allow full mobility.

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Look for man-made, technical, sweat-wicking fabrics which literally ‘wick' the sweat away from your body transporting it to the outside of your clothes where it evaporates

Clothing must allow full mobility, whether the style is relaxed or fitted, look for high stretch capabilities

A supportive sports bra is essential for high impact exercise

Look for technical aspects such as flat locked seams to prevent chafing and compression capabilities to minimise muscle fatigue, helping you workout for longer

It is key that trainers are tailored to an individual's foot type

Always take a water bottle to your workout, staying hydrated is fundamental and aids performance

A workout bag for all your kit is key, with multiple compartments designed for trainers, water bottles and valuables

which fabrics are best

Technical, sweat-wicking fabrics are optimum for workout clothing. They literally ‘wick' the sweat away from your body, allowing it to travel to the outside of your clothes where it evaporates. This allows the skin to remain dry and cool throughout the toughest of workouts. Sweaty Betty workout fabrics are quick drying, odour resistant, lightweight and give good thermo regulation during aerobic exercise. Fabrics with elastane or lycra are also ideal for working out as they have high stretch capabilities enabling greater freedom of movement. Look out for technical benefits such as compression panels in garments to reduce vibrations in your muscles and help minimise muscle fatigue, allowing you to perform for longer. In addition Fabrics which incorporate seamless technology or flat locked seams prevent chafing, giving greater comfort.

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