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A triathlon is a multi-discipline endurance sport consisting of three elements – swim, bike, run – competed back to back. Distances for each discipline vary depending on which race you chose and can be anywhere from the super-sprint, 400m swim, 20k bike, 5k run, up to the Olympic Distance of 1500m swim, 40k bike and 10k run and beyond. As you will be swimming in cold possibly open water, cycling when still wet


and finally running, it is fundamental to get your kit right so it transitions through each stage of the race.

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Ease of transition is key when planning what to wear for a triathlon. A trisuit is the easiest way to go from one discipline to the next without effecting your time. Anti-fog goggles and blister resistant socks are also a must.

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Goggles that don't steam up and that give you good vision as you plough through the swim and need to keep sight of the buoys guiding the course

A wetsuit that aids buoyancy, is easy to get off, will also get you through the water smoothly and therefore more quickly

A Tri Suit will take you sailing through all three disciplines, quick drying out of the swim, straight onto the bike at perfect cycling short length and supportive to your muscles for the run to the finish

A sports bra can be optionally worn under the triathlon suit, quick drying and moisture wicking to ensure you stay supported for the run

Non rubbing socks for support and comfort on to the run

Proper running shoes that fit you correctly and give appropriate support to the feet ankles and legs with each foot strike, you need good cushioning and a perfect fit around the heel

A cap to keep the sun off and prevent dehydration during the run

A water bottle for essential rehydration


which fabrics are best

Lightweight and sweat wicking fabrics that stretch to provide great muscle support as well as slimming and sculpting the body. Manmade fibres have a hydrophilic property that wicks moisture away from the body.

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