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Playing tennis is a full body workout both physically and mentally. Tennis targets all muscle groups, toning and strengthening as you use your core and back to rotate the racket when swinging for shots and fostering agility as you quickly change direction in reaction to the flow of the game. Physically tennis is an aerobic activity with the heart rate going up as you run around the court and down as you recover during the 20 to 30 seconds between points. This type of training is referred to as interval training and is a great way to improve your cardiovascular strength. Mentally tennis sharpens the mind as you map out a strategy to use against your opponent and stay one step ahead.


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Many clubs still require white clothing and some will insist on t-shirts with sleeves.

what should I wear

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High Impact Bra - wearing a specific high impact bra like the Shock Absorber Max Sports Bra while you exercise will reduce breast movement, delaying long term sagging and reducing breast pain. It doesn't matter the size of your bust big or small; all breasts lose their shape due to there being no muscles in the breasts. Visit one of our boutiques for a personal, informed fitting or alternatively see our bra guide

Top and skirt/shorts/skorts: technical fabrics are best, since they will wick away the sweat. Your kit should be comfortable and not restrict your movement

Outer layer: Jacket and trousers to wear to the court and for warming up

which fabrics are best

Technical fabrics are best for the layer worn next to the skin due to their sweat wicking properties.

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