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There are many reasons to choose running as your sport, including stress relief, enhanced fitness levels, weight loss and training for a race. At Sweaty Betty, running is all about escaping to the great outdoors; enjoying a rare opportunity to focus the mind, discover new parts of the city or countryside, and challenge yourself to achieve new personal bests. From 5Ks to marathons, recovery runs to hill sprints; the reasons for lacing up your trainers and racking up the miles will vary from person to person – but all come back to an improved sense of health and vitality. Whether you choose to go solo or with friends, there is nothing like the strength you feel while running, and the endorphin-fuelled high experienced post-run.

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what to wear for running

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High-impact sports bras that provide effective support, reducing bounce while running.


Running trainers that are suited to your gait and foot type. View the trainer guide to find the perfect pair.


Technical fabrics across both tops and bottoms. Comfortable, sweat-wicking fabrics and anti-chafe, flatlocked seams will help you run further with ease.


Specially-designed run socks, blister resistance and anti-slip grippers can make a positive difference during long-distance runs.


Compression technology is used in run garments to reduce muscle fatigue and aid recovery post-run. Choose compression run leggings for maximum performance.


Extra functionality in the form of audio port guides and thumbholes with mittens.


Practical run accessories such as water bottles, media armbands, headbands and bumbags. Ideal for comfort and convenience on longer runs.

Comfort and support while running is essential, from sports bra to trainers. Fabrics designed to regulate temperature will improve both comfort and performance, so opt for thermal, long-sleeved tops in winter and sweat-wicking run vests in summer. Choose a high-impact sports bra to feel supported, and ensure your run shoes are suited to your training.

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