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One of the best forms of aerobic exercise, running improves fitness levels, raises stamina, strengthens muscles and burns fat. As you start to run, you begin to breathe more quickly and deeply as the heart beats faster to provide much needed oxygen to the muscles. In doing so the body temperature increases and the body begins to sweat, its natural way of cooling down and regulating. Whatever the distance or level you run, finding the right pair of supportive trainers for your foot type is essential.


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A typical running outfit consists of a sweat-wicking top, fitted leggings in a breathable, high stretch fabric, sports bra designed for high impact exercise and finally a pair of trainers tailored to your foot type and gait (how your feet land when you run). In colder weather a long sleeved, brushed-back thermal top is a must.

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Look out for handy added features such as zip key pockets, audio ports and thumb loops

A supportive sports bra designed for maximum impact is a must have

Running trainers with the appropriate amount of support and cushioning for your specific foot type are essential

Whether you prefer to run in leggings, shorts or capris, look for lightweight, quick-drying, breathable stretch fabrics

Tops must give freedom of movement look for sweat-wicking, high stretch fabrics with flat-locked seams for reduced chafing

Socks should have double layer, blister resistant fabric with anti- slip grippers to stay firmly in place

Reflectives and thermals are key for staying visible and warm on winter runs

Compression garments are important as you begin to run longer lengths they reduce vibrations in the muscles, minimising muscle fatigue and allowing you to perform for longer

Practical accessories such as a water bottle, iPod holder, headband and a runners bag will make for a more comfortable run

which fabrics are best

Technical, sweat-wicking fabrics are optimum for workout clothing. They literally ‘wick the sweat away from your body, allowing it to travel to the outside of your clothes where it evaporates, keeping the body dry. Sweaty Betty running fabrics are quick drying, odour resistant, lightweight and give good thermo regulation during aerobic exercise. Fabric with elements of elastane or lycra are also ideal for running as they have high stretch capabilities enabling greater freedom of movement. Compression panels in garments reduce vibrations in your muscles and help minimise muscle fatigue allowing you to perform for longer. Reflective, flat-locked seams reduce chafing and ensure visibility for outdoor running. In colder weather brushed-back thermal layers keep the body warm and dry.

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