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Compression technology compresses your muscles while you work out and has the following benefits: • improves overall circulation • reduces lactic acid build-up • improves recovery time

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Garment technology and design innovation have always been and will continue to be at the heart of Sweaty Betty activewear.

Bonded seams are glued rather than stitched together, and are great for: • reversibility • reducing chafing • durability

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Bamboo fabric has a texture similar to cotton and has the following properties: • natural • antibacterial • hypoallergenic

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The world class Italian fabric combines cotton and fleece, and has the following properties: • insulating • beautiful drape • luxurious handfeel

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Merino is a natural fabric of superfine wool which comes from Merino sheep. Merino is great for: • moisture control • regulating temperature • antimicrobial properties

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Q-Skin is an innovative fibre that uses integrated silver ions, resulting in many benefits which include: • hypoallergenic • antibacterial • wash resistant

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Creating seamless garments is technically challenging but the results are beautiful. Seamless engineering helps create garments which are: • anti-chafing • moulded closer to the body • soft to the touch

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Senstive® Fabrics, patented by Italian company Eurojersey, is a world-class sports fabric with many benefits, including: • lightweight • breathable • quick-drying

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The luxe CARVICO® Malaga is perfect for adding lightweight elasticity to a multitude of sports. Functional features include: • excellent UV protection • ultra chlorine-resistant • two-way stretch

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Due to micro gaps in the fibre, bamboo is quick to absorb moisture and ventilate effectively, keeping you dry and odour-free.


Grown without pesticides, bamboo is all-natural, biodegradable and sustainable, making it an ideal choice for the eco-conscious.

super soft

With fine fibres, bamboo has a smooth hand feel and is soft to the touch.


No sewn stitches means no chafing, creating a comfortable workout over any distance.


Bonded seams are created in hot temperatures, where the adhesive melts and hardens into a strong, durable seam that won't come apart.


Bonded seams create a double-sided fabric, making garments reversible.

improves overall circulation

Compression technology increases blood flow and improves circulation as you run. Better circulation feeds more oxygen to muscles and improves your performance.

reduces lactic acid build-up

Muscles burn because of the build-up of lactic acid. During a workout, the compression fabric pulls your muscles together and keeps lactic acid at bay, allowing you to run faster and harder without feeling too much burn.

reduces muscle fatigue

Every time your foot hits the floor, muscles vibrate from the impact - an effect called oscillation. Over distances, these oscillations contribute to muscle fatigue. Reducing oscillation reduces fatigue and improves overall performance.

improves recovery time

Worn after a workout, compression keeps muscles from swelling and helps with circulation, ensuring the blood continues to pump around the body at a regular pace, helping muscles repair more quickly.

soft handfeel

The unique hybrid of cotton and fleece feels smooth and luxurious against the skin.

elegant drape

The fabric composition creates the garment's flattering and beautiful drape.

ultra warm

With naturally insulating properties, the fabric keeps body heat inside and keeps cold weather out.


Merino wool has inherent anti-microbial properties that keep it from absorbing odours, making for fewer washes and longer-lasting garments.

ultra warm

Naturally thermal and warming, the fabric regulates body temperature, keeping in heat without overheating the wearer.


Perfect for base layers, the fabric draws moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry.


Natural, biodegradable and sustainable, Sweaty Betty merino fabrics are from farms with high animal welfare standards certified by New Merino.


The use of Silver Ions in Q-Skin fibres prevent bacterial build-up allowing skin to breathe, remain clean and odour-free.


Silver Ions are released gradually, preserving the unique features of the fibre over a long period of time and ensuring activewear stays fresher for longer.


Silver Ions are embedded inside the microfibre during the knitting process, making Q-Skin entirely hypoallergenic.


Without being weighed down by clunky seams, seamlessly engineered garments hug your skin and move with you.


No seams means no chafing – creating a comfortable garment that will not rub or chafe sensitive skin.

super smooth

Without seams, garments are super soft and smooth to the touch with a beautiful handfeel.

sculpt and stretch

Unique elasticity and high percentage of Lycra allows freedom of movement and flattering sculpting qualities.

matte handfeel

The manmade fibres are sheen free, giving a super smooth, delicate fit against the skin.


Open structure allows quick drying, ideal for any workout.


Wrap knit construction allows air to circulate between the fibres, wicking moisture away from the body.


Remaining smooth and soft to the touch, Malaga is fully resistant to abrasions and pilling.

UV protection

Provides the maximum possible protection from damaging UV rays of UPF 50+.


High-level resistance to the damaging effects of chlorine.

two-way stretch

Excellent stretch and elasticity in both directions.

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