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BoxingYoga™ with Kajza Ekberg

As part of our Guest Instructor Programme, Kajza Ekberg led an evening of BoxingYoga at the flagship Kings Road boutique.

An innovative fusion of modern-day boxing and the yoga tradition, BoxingYoga was created by Total Boxer founder Matt Garcia and contemporary dancer Kajza in collaboration with martial artists, dancers and physiotherapists. As a mind-body workout, BoxingYoga improves posture and alignment, strengthens and stretches muscles, helps develop healthy breathing habits and improves coordination.

If you missed the event, you can still join in the online class. A joint effort between Sweaty Betty and BoxingYoga, this thirty-minute video will get you sweaty and in touch with both inner yogi and boxer.

BoxingYoga virtual class and soundtrack

Make the most of your workout with these three simple steps:
  1. Press play on the grey music player below to start the music
  2. Start the video
  3. Go full screen by clicking the bottom right icon of the video player

kajza ekberg answers our questions  
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