Sweaty Betty
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  • Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 9pm
    Sunday: 11.30am* - 6.15pm

    * Half hour browsing time

    Bond Street
  • Sweaty Betty Selfridges
    400 Oxford Street
    W1A 1AB

    020 7318 3362

  • Located on the 3rd floor in the Denim Studio of Selfridges Oxford Street - A world class department store for world class workout gear.
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  • Selfridges clubs
  • There are no permanent clubs based at the Selfridges concession, however the Soho boutique is just around the corner and full club details can be found here.
  • Selfridges ambassadors
    • Belinda

      Growing up by the beach in Australia I developed a passion for outdoor sports, especially middle-distance running. But with two small brothers who were willing to be my backing dancers, I also indulged my love of choreography! I went on to study human movement at university while teaching fitness classes and Pilates. My Master's Degree in Exercise Science led me to a career as an Exercise Physiologist. I've continued to teach alongside my clinical work and I aim to create a holistic, health-focused environment for my clients.

      My favourite class to teach is Xtend Barre, a dynamic class that combines dance, ballet and Pilates. I took my first barre class in 2012 and it was a life changing experience - I'd loved dance as child but was actually pretty uncoordinated (although very determined). I now teach at Xtend Barre, London and my childhood dreams have come true - I'm a real life ballerina (of sorts). Xtend Barre has the unique ability to make vigorous exercise graceful - it's about strength, flexibility and dynamic balance. I'm passionate about this way of working out because it produces incredible results.

      Power Song: All of the lights - Kanye West
      Personal Best: Presenting my research on physical activity at the 2013 Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport. It was later published in the Journal of Ageing and Physical Activity.
      Favourite Yoga Pose: Dancer Pose
      Next Big Challenge: Xtend Barre London's flagship studio launch

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