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Where We're Training This Week: Cycling the globe...

posted on Tuesday, 8th July 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
After a week in Yorkshire, the Tour de France arrived in London yesterday; putting on a show for the 20-deep crowds that turned up to support the world's largest annual sporting event. Now in its 4th stage (with 17 still to go), the peloton is geared up and ready for the 163.5km ride from the French coast at Le Tourquet-Paris-Plage to Lille Metropole.

As with any much-hyped event, the hordes of people resolving to take up this dynamic sport will have multiplied overnight. For Sweaty Betty designer Laura, however, cycling is nothing new, and neither is the self-set challenge of riding intense distances across the country.

Currently in training to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, Laura shares her cycle schedule and the past week's rides, exclusively on the blog.

On Friday 22nd August 2014, Sweaty Betty designer and all-round workout fanatic Laura will be cycling the incredible 913.1 mile route from Land's End to John O'Groats.

Before deciding to tackle the UK's toughest long-distance cycle ride, Laura would average around 30 miles per week on her bike. For the last 6-8 weeks however, she has upped her training exponentially; cycling up mountains in 30-degree heat to prepare herself for what's to come...

The Rides

Last week while on holiday in Majorca, Laura put her rental bike through an intense 56-mile ride across Sa Colobra Bay, which included a 'horrific' 2,500 ft / 6-mile mountain climb. With the heat quickly rising from 20 degrees at 7am to 30 degrees by lunchtime, pedalling up and over a series of mountains was a serious challenge that burnt over 3,500 calories. The lack of shade made the rides even harder; causing Laura to drink nearly a litre of water during the 6-mile incline. Fortunately, there were beautiful sea views to keep Laura entertained, and thanks to an early 7am start - her 5-hour ride was over by midday, and she still had half the day to relax by the pool.

The following morning, Laura eased herse