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The Perfect Solution to Afternoon Munchies

posted on Thursday, 27th May 2010 | find under 

Hi Betties,

So how have you been enjoying the sunshine? Have you been getting outside and soaking up that lovely Vitamin D through a variety of fit and active activities? Like, walking through the park, buying an ice-cream and then walking to a lovely patch of grass to enjoy it!

If, like me, you get a hankering in the middle of the afternoon for a tasty snack, be it an indulgent yet refreshing ice-cream in the summer, or a chocolatey, biscuity something to have with your afternoon tea in the winter (which is most of the year in the UK) well you are not alone. In fact it is a scientifically proven phenomenon.

I've spoken before about appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin (it was the one about are you getting enough sleep). During the day, your stomach lining produces the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates your appetite. This hormone will be best satisfied by some kind of fat, which is why you tend to crave just this combination in the afternoon ... ice-cream ... biscuits anyone! This could also explain why when you haven't had enough essential fats and protein during the day, you tend to crave these fatty, high energy foods to help satisfy your ghrelin gremlins.

So what to do? Well help is at hand through a rather ingenious little box of goodies, which contain just this combination of fats and sugars in a healthy, portion controlled way. I have received this very afternoon my first box from www.graze.com. It's a veritable feast of interesting dried fruits, seeds and nuts (as well as a little bit of chocolate) to help quash my afternoon nibbles.

I was in fact SO impressed by the service that I contacted Mr Graze directly who has kindly offered all Sweaty Betty blog readers a free box of goodies (and their second box half price).

All you need to do is go onto their site at www.graze.com and enter the code SWEATYBETTY.

So no more will the afternoon munchies get in the way of your workout goals.


Linda on The Perfect Solution to Afternoon Munchies
By Linda - 28th September 2010
Thanks Karen! Will check it out! x
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