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Sweaty Betty Shopping...

posted on Tuesday, 24th November 2009 | find under Fashion

Ahhh, What fun shoping! I spent hours in the Hampstead Sweaty Betty shop....

I tried on almost everything in store, and even knowing that I had limited space, and a tight baggage allowance for my British Airways flight to America, I still ended up with about 3 bags of new clothes! Delicious! 

Lots of cool clothes. My favourite.... Ahhh, that's a tough choice, but I think it will be my warm winter fur bomber snow hat that I have bought for Canada. So warm, and snuggly. And my seamless yoga tops that are soooo comfortable, I'm finding them hard to take off! And of course my super nice cool-down hoody that I just adore! Clothes, glorious clothes.....



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