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Sweaty Betty loves Harrogate

posted on Wednesday, 28th September 2011 | find under Nutrition
All the way from the heart of London to the Yorkshire Dales, Sweaty Betty salute Harrogate for embracing the philosophy of wellbeing.  Renowned for it's mineral springs and spa baths, laden with luxury treatment rooms and health clubs.  Surrounded by beautiful gardens and leafy green walkways, wide open streets and classy boutiques. From Sweaty Betty to Betty's Tea Rooms.  

During our time in Harrogate we became fully immersed in the local fitness community, keeping us stable in our mountain pose and relentless with our push-ups.  Feedback has been positive. The lasting impression was that we received such a warm welcome from each and everyone along our Road Show journey.

We must've racked up a serious amount of squats and lunges, trainers and instructors here really know how to encourage the best performance in unobtrusive ways.  Week 2 consisted of more outdoor training and mind opening Yoga. To top it off we had events in great locations and even attended some spur of the moment circuit classes, we no longer wince at the thought of spontaneous adrenaline pumping burpees.

For now we draw the Harrogate road show to a close, but not to an end....this is an adventure to be continued....

This is over and out from the Sweaty Betty Road Show Crew.

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