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Surviving Christmas!!

posted on Monday, 6th December 2010 | find under Fitness

You know what I'm talking about here Betties!!  If only I were referring to excess present receiving!!  The only excess I refer to is the food and drink that one might come across throughout the festive season!!  We can't make it go away!!  Hell we wouldn't want it to go away!!  What we can do however, is plan around it!!  That's right, have every damn drinks party or xmas lunch down in your diary, and schedule your virtue around it!!  It makes for a better December, believe me!

For example, last week, I had an xmas lunch and evening drinks on Thursday, then a weekend away with girlfriends from Friday to Sunday, where I'm not gonna lie, there was bubbly, and a lot of it!!  So what I try to ensure for such a party-filled month as December, is to try and not forget the basics!!  Now is the time to take heed of the following:

Drink 1.5-2 litres of water daily
Try to get 8 hours sleep
Eat plenty of colourful vegetables and fruit for your nutrients (and of course don't forget the protein with each meal!!).

Just keeping these basics under tabs, will give you the very boost you need to keep on going and dare I say, burning the candle at both ends!

Then make yourself a little 4-6 week chart!!  As I say, parties started for me last week (November) and will continue on into New Year, so having an idea of the days I may be suffering a little more than others, allows me to not have a total fail day!!  For example I ensured that my fridge was stocked with virtue when I arrived back after my weekend away, so I could embrace virtuous eating from the get go!  Now, lest you think me a junk-food-eating, champagne-guzzling wench, I'm merely suggesting that my food and drink is not as virtuous as it might be, which brings me to the beauty of balance!!  Do I feel guilt when indulging in champagne sip-age?  Hell no, I eat well 80-90% of the time, which allows me to let my hair down the other times, and having a little party plan in front of me helps me to reign it all in and enjoy the party season. Cheers!!

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