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Summer is here...time to make some changes....

posted on Sunday, 8th May 2011 | find under Fitness
This time of year is, without a doubt, my favourite. The evenings are light and long, the sun is shining and we know that we have at least another three months of this (fingers crossed!). It is the season where we feel that our energy is high and I think that it is the time when most of us want to make changes, even more so than in January. So, if you feel this too, why not try to tips to motivate you even more......

*Take up Yoga. With longer, lighter days there is no excuse not to start that class you have been wanting to attend for ages.

* Have an evening walk. In winter, we tend to come home and hibernate for the evening. At this time of year, it is great to go out for a pre- dinner stroll, get some fresh air and work up an appetite.

*Smile more. Yes really! Have a go now.....try a great big smile. I bet you feel better already. Studies show that smiling releases feel good chemicals in our brain and helps us to beat the blues. So, if you feel down, simply smile!

*Go to the beach. Even if you have to hop on a train and make a day trip to your nearest coastline, a day at the beach is a great way to clear your mind and boost your energy. You will feel closer to nature which is great for wellbeing and evidence shows that near the sea there are 'negative ions' which are proven to benefit our health.

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