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Start your 2010 resolutions NOW

posted on Wednesday, 2nd December 2009 | find under 
And if like me you want big changes to happen in 2010, I believe you absolutely have to start NOW!


LOTS of people have been asking me if I'm beginning to wind down now for Christmas.  It's 2nd December and I've yet to write any Christmas cards (I confess I don't even have a list); not one gift has been purchased; and I don't have a clue when I'll be starting on my mince pie and Christmas goodies gifts.  So logic should make me slow down on the work and training and ramp up on the Christmas jollifications right?  Well actually it's wrong!  I've never been busier or more energised by my work as I am now.

I've got loads of exciting new projects starting in the new year.

Take your workouts .... Any of you who have signed up for the London marathon will know all about training at the moment. The pursuit of a better time in April equals trudging through icy cold rain, possibly fighting your way past jolly (and toasty) shoppers in December.

And if you're thinking of joining a gym in the new year (here comes one of the biggest industry secrets) - don't. Do it NOW! You will get the best offers, possibly of the whole year if you join at the end of December.  Not only good for your pocket, but for your body.  It's much easier to get in shape in January if you lay the foundations now.  Minimize Christmas party damage; build up your muscles; get your fitness levels up; and come January you'll be flying before your locker room neighbour has even figured out how to find the treadmills!

As for KLHFitness ... I have lots of new classes starting, so now's the time for my trial classes (I have some in SE London for the next few weeks); for meetings with potential new venues (Isle of Dogs and St Katherine's Dock); and for planning my training for next year (including very possibly a trip to Massachusetts next summer).

And exciting news just in ... as well as continuing my Betty Blog, I'll be starting a Pilates column in The Docklands paper in January.  And, you guessed it, I need to start working on it NOW!

So what about Christmas this year?  It will get done.  Maybe I'll go crazy and do it in the week before Christmas just to experience what it's really like for boys.  And if all else fails, well I still have plenty of champagne left over from my wedding and of course, a lovely new husband to share it with.

Bek on Start your 2010 resolutions NOW
By Bek - 28th September 2010
hmmm it sounds like a good plan and you seem to be taking it in your stride will be interesting if all stays on course once you hit the champagne!

Nikki on Start your 2010 resolutions NOW
By Nikki - 28th September 2010
Great advice about joining the gym in December!
Seema on Start your 2010 resolutions NOW
By Seema - 28th September 2010
Nice, I'm definitely gonna start picking up a copy of The docklands now Smile
danielle on Start your 2010 resolutions NOW
By danielle - 28th September 2010
Wow!! Good Luck with the shopping!!!!
therese on Start your 2010 resolutions NOW
By therese - 28th September 2010
Sounds exciting! Good luck with Xmas shoppig Smile
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