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S'been a while

posted on Monday, 15th November 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

Hi Betties,

S'been a while, where the heck have you been?  What?  Oh it's me that's been absent?  Really?  Let me just check my diary...Novmber...flick...October...flick...September...ok, ok, I get it, it's been me.  It's all my fault!!  I was...washing my hair, no no, I was washing mine and my dogs hair...crap I don't have a dog...but if I did it would have eaten my homework too...honest!!  Anyway, what's a couple 'o months between friends, y'know, keeps it fresh, no?  Drat, you're not buying it!!  OK, Betties, I have been a busy little bee and have neglected thee, I hope I have not left you feeling too dejected!!  And if so, then my make-up post is all about motivation and my most favourite-ist quote in the entire Betty-verse!  It goes a little something like this:

"Look to where you want to get to, not necessarily where you are going" - Greg Admundson

A little bit like snowboarding, when you are doing turns, don't look down the HUGE mountain (where you can't help but focus on cos it's so bloody daunting!!), look to where you want to get to, and you will turn, in the direction you want to get to!  I love this quote for so many reasons. Mainly because it ensures that you have a direction with your goals, even if right now everything seems a little rubbish!  Having a 'where you want to get to' focus in mind, makes you ask constructive questions even when you are struggling.  So you have been training solidly for a month now with no results?  You wanna give up?  Or do you want to ask: What have I been doing so far? What can I change? How is my food? Am I getting enough sleep?  The questions are endless, the asking of them is down to your attitude, with a focus on where you want to get to.

This applies to so many things in life, your health, your finances, your job, you name it, it has great application!  Succeeding in your goals involves highs and lows, we learn so much from our mistakes, if we were flying like eagles every day, we would be in for bigger falls when life doesn't work out!  So if there is an area in your life right now that you're not so happy with, think about the direction you want it to take, and then focus on making that happen.  If you focus on, and give energy to that, you will reach it sooner than you think.  And the crap stuff?  Deal with it as best as you can, knowing that it's not gonna last forever, but whatever you do, do not let yourself fly head first down the mountain of doom, just because you are wallowing in where you are at.


Anyone There???
By Anonymous - 10th December 2010
Blogs usually involve thoughts expressed by 'A' and then by others on what is their opnon about what 'A' has to say... I do not think Sweaty Betty undserstand this concept well because most of their blogs are monologues that are so un-thought provoking that they hardly ever get any response.. my previous comment still awaits approval! so much for 'community'.. wake up and smell the coffee SB!!
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