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SB Road Show take golf lessons from a pro

posted on Monday, 27th June 2011 | find under Nutrition
Gabriella improves her game with a tailor made golf workoutI have always wanted to try a golf lesson that simultaneously gave me a real workout. In Edinburgh, I found exactly what I was looking for at EH1 power plate studio. Run by pro golfer Ian, attracting those seeking an advanced workout along with likeminded golfers as myself.

In my experience golf lessons improve my game but have never provided a session to work specific muscles used in a game of golf. Studio EH1 is a new power plate studio in the heart of Edinburgh. The studio provides tailored power plate sessions, always accompanied by a personal trainer in order to give you the best possible workout.

My workout began with a warm up, followed by more intensive stretches on the power plate itself. With the vibration of the power plate increasing my blood flow and allowing for less build up of lactic acid, I finished my warm up at twice the speed than I usually do. First impressions were good. 

Then followed a close analysis of my golf swing. Similar to many female golfers, I experience stiffness in the shoulders and neck reducing the full movement of my arms. It became clear early on that I was quite stiff in the shoulders and due to this I naturally always avoided exercises that work on this area. I was guided through various exercises designed to strengthen my golfing muscles. After twenty minutes I could physically feel these areas relax, enabling me to control my movements with precision; I felt completely unhindered by the stiffness I had felt initially.

I finished my power plate personal training session feeling energised and ready to hit the golf course with a much improved swing. Thanks Ian and the EH1 team!
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