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Same time different place

posted on Monday, 11th January 2010 | find under Fitness

January this year is proving to be a challenging but invigorating month for me. Same time last year i was waiting on results that would determine the course of my year and potentially part of my future. Luckily i was given as much of an all clear as possible on the 30th January 2009. This led me to alter my diet and my dedication to optimum health. I make a conscious effort everyday to be as healthy as possible. Somedays i fall short of ideal but on the whole i have increased my knowledge of health and nutrition a hundred fold over the last twelve months and put that knowledge into practice. I have also spent the last year vainly attempting to rebuild my strength and fitness. In my day to day life people call me an athlete. At times this makes me uncomfortable because i know where i used to be and just how far i have to go. The ways and hours that i formally gave to training are far greater than what i currently do know. I watch my boyfriend and love the fact that he is a total sports freak. He trains harder and stronger than many people that i know. He has adapted his life to incorporate his athletic aims and sporting goals. Sometimes it pains me to watch not because i am envious but because i cannot as yet join him. I have eventually learnt that my body is only just starting to recover and pushing too hard, too fast will only prove to be detrimental in the long run. Whilst i may never want to admit defeat i have to be understanding of the effects that illness has on the body. I may accept an A for effort but im not sure that i yet deserve the A for athlete. And yet as this month draws closer to its penultimate day i am reminded that it has only been a year. There is nothing to gain but wisdom from this situation and i am nothing but excited that if i have come this far in a year then 2010 should be a great place for some PBs.

Audrey on Same time different place
By Audrey - 28th September 2010
Can't wait to celebrate with some rabbit food Smile x
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