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Rosie Fortescue styles the Urdhva leggings

posted on Wednesday, 11th May 2016 | find under Fashion

Always in-the-know when it comes to all things style and wellness, Rosie Fortescue is the forefront of fitness fashion. A regular at London’s coolest studios, we joined the fashion blogger as she went about her day in our new Urdhva Leggings. Reversible, high-stretch and striking, the Urdhvas are the leggings of the moment, follow Rosie as she goes from workout to brunch in these standout pants. 


rosie fortescue styles the urdhva leggings
Rosie wears the Urdhva Leggings and Yama Padded Bra

I started working out last year as I needed an output for energy and stress, and now it’s a central part of my routine. I like to train at least three times a week. For an intense workout I love Velocity at Core Collective for HIIT, KOBOX for boxing and Ass & Abs at GymClass. I also try and mix this up with yoga at The Power Yoga Company to stretch and take time out. 


Rosie wears the Bakasana 2 in 1 Vest and Urdhva Leggings

I normally have meetings and general chores to do before and after a workout, so I like to make sure I’m wearing fashion-forward gym clothes. There’s nothing better than cool trainers, a sports jacket and a pair of statement leggings. For a class I usually wear a pair of printed leggings and a matching bra, so when I saw the tropical print of the Urdhva leggings and the Bakasana Vest I couldn’t resist, it’s so summery. Wearing a white vest helps with this too, as it’s goes with everything. Being high-waisted and stretchy, they always stay in place, meaning I’m not constantly pulling them up mid-workout. 


rosie fortescue wears the urdhva
Rosie wears the Guptasana VestUrdhva Leggings and Yama Padded Bra

The first thing I look for in a pair of leggings is that they are 100% opaque, as I like to focus solely on my workout. The Urdhvas are so comfortable and flattering, and the tropical print and mesh panels have received so many compliments. My go-to top with them is the black Guptasana Vest with a bright sports bra worn underneath, as the low scoop back really shows it off.

rosie fortecue wears the Urdhva

Rosie wears the Barbican Yoga Tee,  Guptasana Vest and Urdhva Leggings

Post class I always like to meet girlfriends for brunch, so I reverse my leggings to the black side out and throw on the grey Barbican Tee, which is such an easy-wear layer. My favourite breakfast is smoked salmon and eggs, though I usually workout mid-morning so after class I head to Hallys for a matcha latte and salad with chicken and lots of avocado. 


My bomber jacket is probably the piece in my wardrobe that I wear the most. It also works as a great post-workout layer as I can just throw it on over the Yama Padded Bra or a vest and go straight out. Plus, being black it works with both printed and block colour bottoms. What makes the Urdhvas so easy to wear is the contrasting mesh and grey panels mean they go with everything.


Are you Team Palm or Team Chic? To win your own Urdhva outfit visit our Instagram to find out more. Find more about the Urdhva's here and shop the reversible edit. To discover more about Rosie Fortescue visit her website here. 

Margarita Activewear
By Margarita - 13th May 2016
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