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Pilates and Snowy Days

posted on Friday, 26th November 2010 | find under 
Hello everyone,
So how's Christmas planning going? Are we all enjoying the wintery weather? Best get those running shoes on and get out before the ice and snow set in!
I've now finally hung up my Pilates instructor pants to prepare for the arrival of junior. But don't worry, I'll still be blogging and will of course be posting news when it happens.
And my classes will go on under the expert guidance of my able assistants Liz, Claire and Poi :-)
I have a new course of classes starting in Canary Wharf next week so if you're keen to start or are looking for a great gift for a friend do get in touch. The total cost of a ten week course is £107.
Liz will be taking the classes and she's fabulous and lovely, fresh from teaching yoga and Pilates in New York city no less, so do make the most of the opportunity.
Happy Thanksgiving all!
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