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Nobody wants droopy boobs! Nobody!

posted on Thursday, 11th March 2010 | find under 

Ladies, I hope...yes truly hope that we do not even need to have this conversation!! But for those of you who think that it is ok to jump up and down whilst wearing your regular bra from M&S that is slightly greying and losing its stitching, then we need to have words!! Who told you that it was ok to neglect thine breasts as so? Do you really want them sweeping the floor when you're 90??? You'll only have yourself to blame honey! Don't be crying on my shoulder, or you will receive an emphatic "talk to the hand cos the face don't be listenin'!"

So Betties! One of the cardinal rules of working out, is to protect thine breasticles!!! Repeat after me..."My Boobs Matter!" If there is one thing that could send me into an outrage at a complete stranger, it is to see a woman working out, and her boobs looking like they are throwing some serious shapes inside her t-shirt! No! Just No!! And again..."My Boobs Matter!" If you be letting them move around whilst you try to tone your butt-hind, they are just going to get droopier, and droopier, and droopier. Do I feel a tear coming on? Yes, a big tear in fact!! A big tear for all of those women who are focused on losing weight, but don't wear the right bra! Sisters, this is a plea! Protect your girls!!! They're not like your butt that can be toned back into pert-ness, once those babies go, there ain't no coming back! So for God sakes, if you don't do it for yourselves, do it for womankind. Never let yourself be seen with your boobs in motion when your body is so. Those babies need to not move, or else the only way is down!!

You've been warned!

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