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Meet Yoga Retreat print artist Jamie Palmer

posted on Wednesday, 11th March 2015 | find under 

Last week saw the launch of the beautiful new Yoga Retreat range, featuring one of Sweaty Betty’s most iconic prints with a soft, feminine all-over scallop shell aesthetic. To help us develop the look, we worked with doodle artist Jamie Palmer, whose creations under the pen name ‘Pen and Gravy’ attract many visitors on Tumblr and Etsy. Here we introduce the artist himself, and dig a little deeper into what inspires his favourite doodles…

Yoga Retreat Scallop Shell

What first inspired your desire to doodle?

I’ve been doodling as long as I can remember and it’s a habit I have no control over! My mum is a doodler too, so it must be in the genes.

Where do you find inspiration for patterns or shapes?

Probably a mixture of nature, architecture, fashion, human movement and more. I always keep a sketchbook close to hand, which allows me to play around with ideas as soon as they come to me. 

Do you have a favourite material you like to see your work on, such as ceramics, clothing or prints?

I’m not sure if I have a favourite. I like variety and try working with new materials on a regular basis. I’ve just designed some geometric lasercut placemats and coasters and am really pleased with the results.

Your work really comes to life when it’s translated to your homeware items. What role do doodles have to play in self-expression?

I think doodling is like the ultimate in self-expression, especially as most people tend to do it unconsciously.

Are there any particular 3 artists you most admire?

Keith Haring is probably the first artist who grabbed my attention as a kid and his work has inspired a lot of my doodles. I was also totally blown away by the recent Matisse paper cut exhibition at the Tate Modern. Finally, Grayson Perry’s pots, textiles and dresses are a constant source of inspiration.

Do you work out? If so, what’s your activity of choice?

Football is a big passion and I play 5 a side in a local league. I also cycle and do a bit of running.

For you personally, is there any link between wellbeing and creativity?

Yes, massively so!

Let’s play a game of This or That…

Marathon or sprint? Marathon
All-over print or just an accent? All-over print
Black or white? Black
Indoors or out? Out
Sun or clouds? Sun
Home or away? Home
Tea or coffee? Coffee
Paper or computer? Paper
Dining in or dining out? Out (but then again my partner Emma is an amazing cook so let’s call this one a tie!) 
Film or concert? Concert

Watch the Sweaty Betty blog for another post focusing in on Jamie’s scallop shell doodle and how it came to life. Or shop the Yoga Retreat range to wear it today…


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