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Marlow Roadshow Scrapbook

posted on Monday, 6th August 2012 | find under Nutrition

As GB Team builds up for their final week in the Olympic village the Roadshow Team winds down from the ‘oar’ inspiring time we have spent in Marlow. The ladies of Marlow have truly shown that an active outdoor lifestyle is an integral part of the local community. There is no better way to start a morning in the town than on the bank of the river Thames at 6am with the lovely ladies of Marlow Adventure Boot Camp.  From ‘kettle bell dragging’ races to kick boxing, it certainly is the best way to watch the morning mist rise from the river. If that has your muscles aching, why not stretch it out with Carly and her soothing tones at Pilates Works on the High Street. Which must be followed by a warm beef salad at Fego on the High Street. Next stop for the Roadshow team is to get involved with Run Britannia next week and core training in Marlow has really prepped us...we can almost make light work of two 5K runs a day. Thankyou Marlow, we are itching to return.
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