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Mark, Mick and Kev (now Mark)

posted on Tuesday, 24th November 2009 | find under 

So what is the secret to winning ‘highly commended’ in the Retail Interiors Awards 2009? 

 Retail Interiors 2009.pdf (40.81 kb)

Well, apart from great designers at Caulder Moore you need MARK, MICK AND KEV.  Mark, Mick and Kev have built our last 30 shops (yes, we do only have 25 shops but some we closed or re-located).  They always do a fantastic job and ALWAYS open on time.  This expert team were shaken up when Kev moved away last year but I am delighted to say that another Mark has replaced Kev and Mark, Mick and Mark are going strong.  After 10 years of working together I caught them off guard and managed to get some photos of them.


 Mark, Mick and Mark, usually camera shy, doing a bit of yoga in Soho (prayer pose)

Mick going for the top prize in Retail Interiors awards (plastering Kings Road 125)

They are a great team

Simon, MD



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