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It’s a print thing- the story behind the City Lights print

posted on Wednesday, 20th August 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion
The new City Lights collection is inspired by London at night and features premium essential run pieces, perfect for pounding the pavements on the urban streets, and the Butterfly bikini crafted from revolutionary, high-stretch, Shiro fabric.

The Ultra Run Jacket, Splits Capris, Time Trial Shorts and Double Time Run Tank are quickly becoming this season’s must-haves and are a hot favourite in the SB support office, so much so that we chose the shorts to feature on the cover of the Autumn 2014 catalogue.

The bold, placement print took shape after a research trip to New York, when Sweaty Betty designer Julia took some tourist snaps of the night-time cityscape. Back in the London design studio, the team shared their photos and began studying the neon lights of London's skyscrapers from the banks of the River Thames.

Designer Lisa softened and blurred the image giving the lights an abstract effect but ensuring that she kept the bright, glistening hues.

At the back of her mind was the idea that the city lights are vibrant treasures that are hidden by day. Lisa chose a deep navy, graduated base colour to represent the night sky and added subtle, neon-pop contrast piping on the run shorts and capris and the on the side panels of the run jacket to add a feminine edge to the collection.

The City Lights print can be found on the:

Ultra Run Jacket
Double Time Run Tank
Time Trial Run Shorts
Splits Run Capris
Butterfly Bikini Top
Butterfly Bikini Bottoms
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