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I'm back!

posted on Friday, 23rd April 2010 | find under 

I'm finally back with you after our extended stay in the lovely town of Morzine.  We finally made it back in the early hours of Wednesday morning.  Having given up on planes (for obvious reasons) and trains (we were quoted £2000 each to get from Evian to Calais) and even automobiles, we finally thought outside of the box and chartered our own 16 seater coach from Hertfordshire to take us all the way home - we even managed to pick up a few stray Brits on the way who hopped on board.

We had a great time.  It's actually only my third ski trip and we (hubby and I) opted for a few private ski lessons with Easy2Ski rather than ski school. But by far the biggest improvements to my skiing and to my enjoyment came from understanding my own head space a little better than I have done before. Rather than freezing with fear at the top of a steep pitch I decided this time around not to allow myself any time to think about it.  Much to the amusement of my fellow (more experienced skiers), the steeper the pitch, the quicker I launched myself down it and the better my technique.  I even took on the big Stadt run, which is the centre piece of the town.

So now I'm back - and of course I am going to learn from my ski/life lessons by not allowing myself time to contemplate and go chicken - life is much more fun if you just go for it!

Of course my fabulously chic Sweaty Betty ski pants (pictured) added to my style as did the invaluable merino wool run tops. And a special shout out has to go to Alptitude who put us up free of charge in a luxurious chalet whilst we were standed.

karen on I'm back!
By karen - 28th September 2010
Thanks Amelia. Holidays are great for reminding you of things like this. xx
Amelia on I'm back!
By Amelia - 28th September 2010
I see you really had fun!

I love what you said about not allowing yourself time to contemplate and go chicken - life is much more fun if you just go for it!... I try to do it myself too, and it's really so much more fun!
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